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July 2019 at the Stone 
curated by Pauline Kim / Aaron Novik / Adam Rudolph / William Parker

JULY 9–13

7/9 Tuesday
8:30 pm
LEMMA—Music by John Zorn
Pauline Kim Harris, Christopher Otto (violins) Ches Smith (drums)
Passagen for Solo Violin / Apophthegms for Two Violins / Ceremonial Magic for Violin and Drums

7/10 Wednesday
8:30 pm
ORIGINALS—Music by Pauline Kim Harris
S.E.M Ensemble—Petr Kotik (conductor) Melanie Genin (harp) The Bang Group (percussion)
Dongmae for Mixed Ensemble (2017) Sugar for Two Violins (2018) D Major for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn (2011) Music for 3 Tap and 3 Toe Shoes (working title) [WORLD PREMIERE] Trilogy for Harp (Parts 1/3) [WORLD PREMIERE] I. Solo Harp III. Toy Symphony for 14 instruments + conductor

7/11 Thursday
8:30 pm
Music by Pauline Kim Harris / Spencer Topel
Pauline Kim Harris (violin) Spencer Topel (electronics)
Pre-release event for August 2019 Solo Album Debut on Sono Luminus—SHäˈkôn [WORLD PREMIERE] DEO [WORLD PREMIERE]

7/12 Friday
8:30 pm
RESPONSES to the Bach Chaconne—Music by Salvatore Sciarinno, Missy Mazzoli, Elizabeth Hoffman, Yoon-Ji Lee, Annie Gosfield and John King
Pauline Kim Harris (violin)
Salvatore Sciarrino Six Caprices (1976) Missy Mazzoli Dissolve, O My Heart (2010) Elizabeth Hoffman morsels (2018) US PREMIERE Yoon-Ji Lee Shakonn (2014) Annie Gosfield Long Waves and Random Pulses (2012) John King C-H-A-C-O-N-N-E (2013)

7/13 Saturday
8:30 pm
NEU gen—New music by Pauline Kim Harris, Jessie Cox, Sam Yulsman, Ricardo Romaneiro and every.thing collective
Pauline Kim Harris (violin) Jessie Cox (drums) Sam Yulsman (piano) Ricardo Romaneiro (electronics) every.thing collective: Pauline Kim Harris, Matilda Sakamoto, Juliette Kenn de Balinthazy, Sarina Lewis (voices)

JULY 16–20

7/16 Tuesday
8:30 pm
Dante Counterstamp/Thorny Brocky
Aaron Novik (electric bass clarinet) Kasey Knudsen (sax) Sam Ospovat (drums) Ava Mendoza (guitar) Ches Smith (drum machines) Michael Coleman (synths) Michelle Amador (voice) Lisa Mezzacappa (bass) Dina Maccabee (violin, voice) Marie Abe (accordion)

7/17 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Tim Bulkley, Jason Levis (drums) John Finkbeiner, Nathan Clevenger (guitars) Patrick Cress (sax) Aaron Novik (clarinets) Lisa Mezzacappa (bass)

7/18 Thursday
8:30 pm
Aaron Novik (clarinet) Tim Bulkley (drums) Kurt Kotheimer (bass) Michael Coleman (piano) Evan Francis (flute) Matt Nelson (sax)

7/19 Friday
8:30 pm
No Signal
Aaron Novik (clarinet in A) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet in Bb) Ava Mendoza (guitar) Ches Smith (vibes) Shayna Dunkelman (xylophone)

7/20 Saturday
8:30 pm
Aaron Novik (clarinets) Thomas Heberer (trumpet) Vincent Chancey (french horn) Patrick Holmes (clarinet)

JULY 23–27

7/23 Tuesday
8:30 pm
Adam Rudolph and Kaoru Watanabe with James Dellatacoma
Adam Rudolph (hand drumset—kongos, djembe, tarija; gongs, tam tams, cup gongs, cymbals, slit drums, thumb pianos, multiphonic vocal, percussion, electronic processing) Kaoru Watanabe (noh kan, fue) James Dellatacoma (electronic sound processing)

7/24 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Adam Rudolph Solo Percussion and Electronics
Adam Rudolph (hand drumset—kongos, djembe, tarija; gongs, tam tams, cup gongs, cymbals, slit drums, thumb pianos, multiphonic vocal, percussion, electronic processing) James Dellatacoma (electronic sound processing)

7/25 Thursday
8:30 pm
Hu: Vibrational
Adam Rudolph (compositions, sintir, bata, slit drum, rebolo, gankogoui, udu, percussion) Alexis Marcelo (electronic keyboards, sound design) Damon Banks (electric bass, electronics) James Dellatacoma (electronic sound processing) additional percussionists (TBA) special guest (TBA)

7/26 Friday
8:30 pm
Go: Organic Chamber Orchestra meets Néo
Adam Rudolph (composition, spontaneous conducting) Go: Organic Chamber Orchestra (12 strings, woodwinds TBA) Néo (Japanese traditional music ensemble) Kaoru Watanabe (group leader, noh kan, fue) koto, shakuhachi, biwa, shamisen TBA

7/27 Saturday
8:30 pm
Adam Rudolph and Tyshawn Sorey
Adam Rudolph, Tyshawn Sorey (percussion)


7/30 Tuesday
8:30 pm
Super Imposition
On Ka’a Davis (guitar) Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) William Parker (bass, doson ngoni) Ikue Mori (electronics)

7/31 Wednesday
8:30 pm
Thunder and Flowers
Ava Mendoza (guitar) William Parker (bass, gimbri) Cooper Moore (banjo) Kevin Murray (drums)