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June 2005 at the Stone 
curated by Fred Sherry
Closed for Renovations June 1— June 4.

6/5 Sunday
8 and 10pm
Butch Morris Conduction

6/6 Monday
8 pm (5 dollars)
Keiko Uenishi (electronics)

10 pm (5 dollars)
DJ Toshio
Toshio Kajiwara (electronics)

6/7 Tuesday
8 and 10pm
Joey Baron and Robin Schulkowsky – Dinosaur Dances
Joey Baron (percussion) Robin Schulkowsky (percussion)

6/8 Wednesday
8 and 10pm
George Lewis
George Lewis (electronics, trombone)

6/9 Thursday
8 pm
Sylvie Courvoisier – Abaton
Mark Feldman (violin) Erik Friedlander (cello) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)

10 pm
Mark Feldman
Mark Feldman (violin)

6/10 Friday
8 pm
Miya Masaoka and Pauline Oliveros
Miya Masaoka (koto, electronics) Pauline Oliveros (accordion, electronics)

10 pm
Jesse Mills and Rubin Kodheli
Jesse Mills (violin) Rubin Kodheli (cello)
Jesse Mills and Rubin Kodheli are a virtuoso duo, playing original music which draws inspiration from classical, jazz, avant-garde and rock genres.

6/11 Saturday
8 and 10pm
Jon Gibson
Jon Gibson (soprano sax)

6/12 Sunday
8 pm
Pamelia Kurstin
Pamelia Kurstin (theremin)

10 pm
Zeena Parkins
Zeena Parkins (harp, keyboards, electronics)

6/13 Monday
8 pm
Miguel Frasconi
Miguel Frasconi (glass harmonica, percussion)

10 pm
Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher (electronics)

6/14 Tuesday
8 and 10pm
Billy Martin and Calvin Weston
Billy Martin (percussion) Calvin Weston (percussion)

6/15 Wednesday
8 pm
Marco Cappelli – E X T R E M E G U I T A R P R O J E C T
Marco Cappelli (guitars)
With compositions by:

Marc Ribot -- And so I Went to Pittsburgh

Ikue Mori -- Bird Chant

Annie Gosfield -- Marked by a Hat

Anthony Coleman --The Buzzing in my Head

Elliott Sharp -- Amygdala

10 pm
Marco Cappelli – E X T R E M E G U I T A R P R O J E C T
Marco Cappelli (guitars)
With compositions by:

David Shea – From Metta Meditations: Terra

Nick Didkowsky – A Bright Moon Makes A Little Daytime: Hammertoes; Poker Face; Alters Conversation; The Ass's Demise

Otomo Yoshihide – Pi-Anode

Erik Friedlander – Iron Blue

Mark Stewart – Uboingee Etude # 1

6/16 Thursday
Dave Bowlin and Brendan Nguyen
Dave Bowlin (violin) Brendan Nguyen (piano)

Davidovsky – Synchronisms, No. 9 (Bowlin)

Stockhausen – Klavierstucke, IX, nr. 4 (Nguyen)

Xenakis – Mikka "S" (Bowlin)

Berio – Sequenza IV, for piano (Nguyen)

Berio – Sequenza VIII, for violin (Bowlin)

10 pm
Chris Gross
Chris Gross (cello)
Works by Cage, Saariaho, Berio, B.A. Zimmermann, and various plainsong

chants. Simple melodic units, complex musical structures.

6/17 Friday
8 pm
Susie Ibarra Trio
Jennifer Choi (violin) Craig Taborn (piano) Susie Ibarra (drums)

10 pm
Annie Gosfield – Lost Signals And Drifting Satellites: Chamber And Solo Works
Jennifer Choi (violin) Felix Fan (cello) David Cossin (percussion) Roger Kleier (electric guitar) Marco Cappelli (classical guitar) Andy Russo (piano) Annie Gosfield (sampler)
The concert will feature the U.S. premiere of Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites, the title track of Gosfield's most recent Tzadik CD, performed by violinist Jennifer Choi, accompanied by the mysterious satellite sounds of Sputnik and Voyager. Felix Fan and David Cossin will perform the world premiere of Pilfered and Plonked, a wild ride for cello and snare drum. Guitarist Marco Cappelli will perform Marked by a Hat, commissioned for his very detuned custom-made 10-string Extreme Guitar. Wild Pitch will be performed by the dynamic new trio of Felix Fan (cello), David Cossin (percussion) and Andrew Russo (piano). Also included on the program are Four Roses and The Manufacture of Tangled Ivory.

6/18 Saturday
8 pm
Min Xiao Fen, Okkyung Lee, Susie Ibarra
Min Xiao Fen (pipa) Okkyung Lee (cello) Susie Ibarra (drums)

10 pm
M2O Play Piazzola
Machiko Ozawa (violin) Makia Matsumura (piano)
Machiko Ozawa and Makia Matsumura are Japanese Juilliard grads with a shared passion for Argentinean tango. Their unique interpretations of the music of Astor Piazzolla had enough fire and finesse to reach the finals at the 2004 International Tango Competition in NYC and is sure to raise the roof tonight at the Stone.

6/19 Sunday
8 and 10pm
Jennifer Choi with Special Guests: Kathy Supové, Neil Rolnick, Randall Woolf
Jennifer Choi (violin) Kathy Supové (piano) Neil Rolnick (laptop) Randall Woolf (turn-tables)
Compositions by:

Jennifer Choi –"Tokkaebi's Club"

Neil Rolnick – "Fiddle Faddle", "Digits"

Randall Woolf – "No Luck, No Happiness"

Also, new compositions by Jennifer Choi based on Korean folk tales.

6/20 Monday
Jon Madof (guitar) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass) Mathias Kuntzli (drums)

10 pm
Marc Ribot
Marc Ribot (guitar)

6/21 Tuesday
8 and 10pm
Jim O'Rourke
Jim O'Rourke (electronics)

6/22 Wednesday
8 pm
Hoffman, Cymerman, Mancini Trio
Christopher Hoffman (cello) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Nick Mancini (vibes)

10 pm
Eyal Maoz and Negiah
Eyal Maoz (guitar) Alan Grubner (violin) Dana Leong (cello) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Mathias Kunzli (percussion)

6/23 Thursday
8 and 10pm
Ikue Mori (electronics) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Susie Ibarra (drums)

6/24 Friday
8 and 10pm
Ernesto Martinez and Micro Ritmia
Ernesto Martinez and Micro Ritmia
Here from Mexico for a rare New York appearance, Ernesto presents complex and energetic polyrhythmic music for piano, altered guitars and marimba from his first and upcoming Tzadik releases.

6/25 Saturday
8 and 10pm
John Zorn Improv Party
John Zorn and many special guests
A Stone Benefit.

6/26 Sunday
8 pm
Matthew Welch Tzadik CD Release Concert
Featuring The Flux Quartet and many special guests
An evening of ecstatic compositions by Matthew Welch. The maverick Flux String Quartet will give the premiere performance Welch's Suibhal Turnlar, from his recent Tzadik release, Dream Tigers. Also featuring new compositions for Balinese Gamelan and Welch's own bagpipe based ensemble, Blarvuster.

10 pm
Flux Quartet
Tom Chiu (violin) Conrad Harris (violin) Max Mandel (viola) Dave Eggar (cello)

6/27 Monday
8 and 10pm
Masada String Trio
Mark Feldman (violin) Erik Friedander (cello) Greg Cohen (bass) John Zorn (conductor)

6/28 Tuesday
8 pm
Daedalus Quartet plays Elliott Carter and Kurtag
Min-Young Kim (violin) Kyu-Young Kim (violin) Jessica Thompson (viola) Raman Ramakrishnan (cello)

10 pm
Daedalus Quartet plays Feldman, Nancarrow and Ligeti
Min-Young Kim (violin) Kyu-Young Kim (violin) Jessica Thompson (viola) Raman Ramakrishnan (cello)

6/29 Wednesday
8 pm
Erik Friedlander
Erik Friedlander (cello)

10 pm
Okkyung Lee
Okkyung Lee (cello)

6/30 Thursday
8 pm
Lukas Ligeti
Lukas Ligeti (drums)

10 pm
Matthew Shipp and Mat Maneri
Matthew Shipp (piano) Mat Maneri (violin)