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December 2009 at the Stone 
curated by Sam Kulik / David Garland

12/1 Tuesday (AV)
8 pm
Curtis Hasselbring (trombone) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Matt Moran (vibraphone) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)
Decoupage is an improvising chamber ensemble focused on creating maximum color and texture with minimal musical content. Curtis composes the group’s repertoire and writes pieces that are (mostly) quiet by nature but maintain a high level of inner turmoil.

10 pm
Frantz Loriot (viola) Joachim Badenhorst (reeds) Sam Kulik (trombone) Christopher Hoffman (cello) Juan Pablo Carletti (drums)
Improvised music: France / Belgium / Argentina / USA

12/2 Wednesday (CB)
8 pm
Lathan Hardy
Lathan Hardy (alto sax) William Mcevoy (bass)
A night of jazz with a Turkish twist.

10 pm
Moon Inhabitants
Peter Evans (trumpet) Sam Kulik (trombone) Steve Wood (bass) Lamy Istrefi (drums)

12/3 Thursday (DS)
8 pm
Peter Evans Quintet
Peter Evans (trumpet, piccolo trumpet) Carlos Homs (piano) Chris Tordini (bass) Kassa Overall (drums, electronics) Sam Pluta (live sampling, digital processing)
A new configuration blending complex compositional structures, dense jazz-influenced improvisation, and live electronics. Original compositions by Peter and maybe a Christmas song.

10 pm
Joachim Badenhorst
Joachim Badenhorst (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax) Steve Swell (trombone) Reuben Radding (bass) Sean Conly (bass)

12/4 Friday (AV)
8 pm
Likeness to Lily
Susan Oetgen (voice) Tony Melone (piano) Ian Riggs (bass) Evan Panzer (drums)

10 pm
Psychotic Quartet
Katt Hernandez (violin) Daniel Blacksberg (trombone) Evan Lipson (bass) Michael Evans (drums)
Uncomfortably Improvised Music.

12/5 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Frank Carlberg Quintet
Christine Correa (voice) John O’Gallagher (sax) Frank Carlberg (piano) Jorge Roeder (bass) Richie Barshay (drums)
The Frank Carlberg Quintet is dedicated to performing musical settings to poems by 20th (...and 21st...) century writers.

10 pm
Ricardo Gallo's Tierra de Nadie
Dan Blake (sax) Rafi Malkiel (trombone) Mark Helias (bass) Pheeroan akLaff (drums) Ricardo Gallo (piano, compositions)

12/6 Sunday (YT)
8 pm
Judith Berkson
Judith Berkson (voice, piano, wurlitzer)
Compositions by Schubert and Mahler.

10 pm
Skeletons Big Band and Capillary Action
Matthew Mehlan, Jason McMahon, Anthony Lowe (guitars) Mike Gallope (piano, accordion) Jeff Young, Caley Monahon-Ward (violins) Caleigh Drane (cello) Spencer Russell (double bass) Justin Frye (double bass) Leah Paul (flute) Karisa Werdon (oboe) Johnny Butler (sax) Sam Kulik (trombone, conductor) Ryan Snow (trombone) Tim Byrnes (trumpet) Danielle Kuhlmann (voice) Max Zbiral-Teller (hammered dulcimer) Jonathan Leland, Keith Parker (drums) Zach Crystal, Ricardo Lagomasino (percussion)
A set of large ensemble compositions by Brooklyn band Skeletons is augmented with "Licorice" by Jon Pfeffer: an excerpt from his large-scale work for trombone, trumpet, two flutes, tenor saxophone, accordion, oboe, hammered dulcimer, piano, double bass, two violins, cello, marimba, timpani, snare, bass drum, roto-toms, ratchet, tambourine, samba shaker, cowbell, agogo bells, whistles, tambourine, woodblocks, cracked cymbals, wind chimes, tenor, alto, and soprano voices.

12/8 Tuesday (JV)
8 pm
Jon Irabagon (sax) Moppa Elliott (bass) Barry Altschul (drums)

10 pm
5 for Marion/The Music of Marion Brown
Randy Borra, Marcus Cummins (saxes) Sam Kulik (trombone) Gene Janas (bass) Dave Miller (drums)

12/9 Wednesday (AV)
8 pm
Karen Waltuch
Karen Waltuch (viola) Ben Holmes (trumpet) Briggan Krauss (alto sax) Andrew Lafkas (bass)

10 pm
Christy and Emily
Christine Edwards (voice, guitar) Emily Manzo (voice, wurlitzer, piano)
Christy & Emily celebrate the release of their latest recording, Superstition. The local chamber-psych-folk duo performs selections of their record with special appearances by vibraphonist Aaron Siegel and violist Amy Cimini.

12/10 Thursday (AV)
8 pm
Seabrook Power Plant
Brandon Seabrook (banjo, guitar) Tom Blancarte (bass) Jared Seabrook (drums)

10 pm
Ben Holmes Trio
Ben Holmes (trumpet) Dan Loomis (bass) Vinnie Sperrazza (drums)
Holmes leads his trio through highly improvisational interpretations of original and traditional music.

12/11 Friday (AV)
8 pm
Till by Turning Premiers the Music of Clara Latham and Katherine Young
Amy Cimini (viola) Erica Dicker (violin) Katherine Young (bassoon) Emily Manzo (piano, voice)
Chamber ensemble Till by Turning will premiere exciting new electro-acoustic works by Brooklyn composers Clara Latham and Katherine Young. Latham will join TBT as the singer for her pieces.

10 pm
Sam Cohen (guitar) George Lewis Jr (guitar) Max Koepke (guitar) Wynne Bennett (piano) Brian Geltner (drums)

12/12 Saturday (AV)
8 pm
Ian Antonio (percussion) Russell Greenberg (percussion)
The percussionists of NYC's 2 percussion/2 piano quartet give the first performances of Charlie Looker's "Poison Darts" and Jorge Boehringer's "Questionable Tactics."

10 pm
Matt Mottel (synthesizer, voice) Kevin Shea (drums, voice)
Talibam! is a duo featuring Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea. They are just back from their 9th tour in Europe during which they relished the spices of Istanbul, recorded a rap album in Paris, and collaborated with the Armitage Gone!Dance dance company in Torino (where a 50" gong fell and broke Kevin's toe). Their latest album "Boogie in the Breeze Blocks" was released in 2009 by ESP-Disk'. Tonight they will play as a duo and with special guests including trombone legend Sam Kulik.

12/13 Sunday (AV)
8 pm
Charles Evans/Neil Shah
Charles Evans (baritone sax) Neil Shah (piano)
Utilizing the difficult altissimo register of the baritone saxophone, Evans's chromatic compositions and improvisations come to life with the delicate touch of Shah in this haunting, introspective set. The pair celebrate the release of their live CD this evening.

10 pm
Kevin Shea
Sam Kulik (trombone) Tim Dahl (moog) Ron Stabinsky (piano) Tom Blancarte (double bass) Kevin Shea (drums)

12/15 Tuesday (CB)
8 pm
Dan Peck Trio
Dan Peck (tuba) Tom Blancarte (bass) Brian Osborne (drums)
Compositions and improvisations. Tuba tuba tuba.

10 pm
Sam Kulik (bass trombone) Jeremiah Cymerman (bass clarinet, electronics) Dan Peck (tuba) Tom Blancarte (bass) Doron Sadja (electronics) Michael Evans (bass cowbell tree) Jon Leland (bass drums)
Improvisation from the bottom up (only there's no up).

12/16 Wednesday (AV)
8 pm
Diane Cluck
Diane Cluck (voice and guitar)
New solo material for Diane's forthcoming studio album. Song topics include "vision," "kindness," "coming" and "coming out".

10 pm
The Spokes
Andy Biskin (clarinet) Phillip Johnston (soprano sax) Curtis Hasselbring (trombone)
Clarinet, soprano saxophone and trombone—three horns in search of a rhythm section. 21st century chamber jazz from a trio of composers.

12/17 Thursday (AV)
8 pm
David Garland
David Garland (voice, instruments) with strings and piano
The possibilities of song explored, questioned, re-evaluated and utilized, since 1980. Garland sings new songs (and few old ones) with strings, piano, and his own 12-string guitar, clarinet, and lamp.

10 pm
Larkin Grimm
Larkin Grimm (voice) with ensemble
Larkin Grimm is an artist and singer who challenges expectations. She will perform her "naughty" translations of ancient Iranian poetry as well as playing songs from her recent collaboration with Michael Gira of Swans/Angels of Light.

12/18 Friday (JM)
8 pm
Rob Moose
Rob Moose (violin, guitars)
First ever solo show to feature all new original works and occasional special guests.

10 pm
Bach Reformed
Dana Lyn (fiddle) Rob Moose (tenor guitar, mandolin)
The group echoes old time banjo and traditional Irish fiddle music as well as Baroque recitative, performing its own arrangements of Bach's Suites for Unaccompanied Cello and Partitas for Violin Solo.

12/19 Saturday (AV)
8 pm
Sport Murphy
Sport Murphy (voice) with ensemble
A rare performance by this imaginative, soulful composer of wry, trenchant, thoroughly original songs.

10 pm
Luxury Pond
Dan Goldman (voice, instruments) with ensemble
Luxury Pond is the songwriting project of Toronto-based musician Dan Goldman. Dan combines a delicate touch, a piercing gaze, and an original musical mind.

12/20 Sunday (TD)
8 pm
Daniela Gesundheit (voice, instruments) with ensemble
Musically rich and lyrically compelling, the songs of Snowblink are about wearing antlers and planting bulbs, as well as love and friendship.

10 pm
Currituck County
Kevin Barker (guitar, voice)
Known for his recordings as Currituck County, and as an in-demand guitarist with Antony, Devendra, Vashti, and Joanna Newsom, Barker brings an open mind and skilled fingers to his thoughtful songs.

12/22 Tuesday (NYYT)
8 pm
Daniel Smith (voice, guitar) with family group
Danielson songs bloom like strange and beautiful plants in the Smith family garden. Hear the curious sounds that have been disrupting the usual patterns of wind and air in Clarksboro, New Jersey.

10 pm
The M6
M6 (voices)
The M6 is a six-member vocal ensemble dedicated to performing the music of legendary composer/singer Meredith Monk.

12/23 Wednesday (AV)
8 pm
Ruth Garbus
Ruth Garbus (voice, instruments)
Formerly of the group Feathers, and currently of Happy Birthday, Ruth Garbus has been spending most of her time making songs in Vermont. She comes south to share her lilting and penetrating music for voice and electric guitar.

10 pm
Merrill Garbus (voice, instruments)
tUnE-yArDs is the music project of New England native Merrill Garbus. Melodic and powerful, Merrill loops, drums, whoops and hollers to create a sonic boom onstage.


12/25 Friday (AV)
8 pm
DM Stith
David Stith (voice, guitar, piano) with bass and violin
DM Stith makes songs out of sounds, gestures, and phrases; building them up, orchestrating them, and mixing in memories of childhood games in the dusk, fantasies of surfing in the clouds, and melodies that wind and unfurl.

10 pm
Processing Xmas
Kenji Garland (some-input mixer) David Garland (piano, clarinet) with guests
Familiar seasonal songs processed and emancipated; family improvs; audience sing-alongs; a warm get-together on a winter night.

12/26 Saturday (AV)
8 pm
Karen Mantler
Karen Mantler (voice, piano) Kato Hideki (bass)
Karen has written complex but straightforward songs about things that are important to her, such as her cat. New and old songs are exposed in this duo setting.

10 pm
Grey Reverend
L.D. Brown (voice, guitar)
Melancholy, muted vocals, modest stage demeanor and emotive finger-picking guitar style.

12/27 Sunday (AV)
8 pm
Ed Askew
Ed Askew (voice) Steve Gunn (guitar)
Ed Askew, the 1968 ESP Disk psych folk recording artist, is currently creating some of his best material, and will be singing new and old songs.

10 pm
Sea of Dead Televisions
Dave Deporis (voice, guitar) with ensemble
A warm voice in the cold wind, with shivers and sweats, a calm hand, an agitated clamor, and songs to make you reconsider things.

12/29 Tuesday (AV)
8 pm
Kenji Garland
Kenji Garland (electronics)
Synthetic, metallic themes and environments created using no-input, and some-input mixer.

10 pm
Extra Life
Charlie Looker (guitar, voice) Caley Monahon-Ward (violin)
Extra Life is the primary musical vehicle for New York singer/composer/guitarist Charlie Looker, combining elements of Medieval vocal music, technical metal, dark romantic pop and modern classical composition. Tonight Extra Life manifests in its intimate acoustic duo form.

12/30 Wednesday (AV)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn (sax) Billy Martin (percussion) Sam Kulik (trombone) (piano) Ned Rothenberg (sax) Kenny Wollesen (perc, drums) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Erik Friedlander (cello) Harris Eisenstadt (drums) Jim Staley (trombone) and many special guests
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