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July 2009 at the Stone 
curated by Brandon Ross

7/1 Wednesday (MP)
8 pm
Jen Shyu
Jen Shyu (vocals)
Live recording performance of vocalist/composer/multi-instrumentalist Jen Shyu, presenting new solo material for voice, piano, moon lute, and erhu, in languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Taiwanese and Mandarin.

10 pm
Timothy Hill
Timothy Hill (voice)
Timothy Hill performs "Body of Sound", an ongoing work for solo voice drawing on harmonic singing (overtone singing), folk music from around the world, improvisation and embodied awareness, unifying these diverse streams into an intensely personal, yet universal expression.

7/2 Thursday (DD)
8 and 10 pm
Otto Fischer
Otto Fischer (solo guitar, FX, Voice)
Guitarist/Musican Otto Fischer plays a collection of songs from his 2006 INCUS cd release SONGS and his upcoming CD release SOMERSAULT due out summer 2009.

7/3 Friday (CWRK)
8 pm
Leni Stern
Leni Stern (guitars, n'goni) Brahim Fribgane (oud, cahon, dumbek) Jacuba Sissoko (kora) Makan Kouyate (calabash, djembe, tama) Mamadou Ba (bass) Harvie Wirth (drums)
Music inspired by the griot tradition of west Africa and the blues, which is what became of the griot music when it reached american shores.

10 pm
9 Ghosts
Mark Darnell Marquez (piano, guitar, electronics, voice) Justin Peake (drum programmer)
"9 Ghosts" is the songwriting project of New Orleans based singer/multi-instrumentalist Mark Darnell Marquez, merging contemplative post-rock songcraft with new-millennial post-minimalist compositional strategies into an evocative, hyptnotic and seamless unity. Accompanying Marquez is one of New Orlean's most innovative young talents, the drummer/programmer/sound-artist Justin Peake.

7/4 Saturday (DD)
8 pm
Graham Haynes & Adam Rudolph Duet—Emptiness and Form
Graham Haynes (cornet, flugelhorn, dusun’goni) Adam Rudolph (handrumset, sintir, kalimbas, percussion)

10 pm
GO: Percussion Ensemble
Adam Rudolph (handrumset, cajon, djembe, conga, slit drums, percussion) Brahim Fribgane (dumbek, cajon, tarija, bendir, percussion) James Hurt (sogo & kidi drum kit, bata, percussion) Matt Kilmer (frame drums, djembe, percussion) Jonathan Singer (tabla, mridngam, kanjira, percussion)

7/5 Sunday (DD)
8 pm
Zachary B. Ryalls (guitar) Keith Parker (drums) Ruben Sindo Acosta (keys) Denny Tek (electric bass) Ryan Snow (trombone)
Brooklyn based Afuche brings you up up down down left right left right B A B A, select start.

10 pm
Joel Harrison Ensemble
Joel Harrison (guitar) David Binney, Stephan Crump, Jordan Perlson
We will emphasize the freer aspects of my new project, Urban Myths. We will open up the material and dissect it...

7/7 Tuesday (CB)
8 and 10 pm
Myra Melford Happy Whistlings
Myra Melford (piano) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Taylor Ho-Bynum (trumpet) Stomu Takeishi (bass)

7/8 Wednesday (TC)
8 pm
Nir Felder 4
Nir Felder (guitar) Chris Lightcap (bass)
Jim Black (drums)

10 pm
Rubin Kodheli—BLUES IN SPACE
Rubin Kodheli (cellos/compositions) Garrett Brown (drums) Ben Zeff (guitars)

7/9 Thursday (SK)
8 and 10 pm
James Hurt—Circularity
James Hurt (acoustic guitar, piano, drumset, sound design utilizing zero-input signal processing)
Electronic and acoustic applications of spiral based spontaneous composition and improvisation.

7/10 Friday (SK)
8 pm
Ted Daniel—International Brass and Membrane Corps
Joe Daley (tuba) Newman T. Baker (percussion) Charles Burnham (violin) Ted Daniel (trumpet and assorted brass)

10 pm
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor (french horn) Keith Witty (bass) Chris Dingman (vibes)

7/11 Saturday (NYYT)
8 pm
Hardedge (electronics)
Hardedge’s live-mix delves into the more intellectual elements of dark electronic music. His experimental approach to sound, space, and structure owes a lot to the fundamental principles of the Chicago's A.A.C.M. creative thinkers. His first solo performance in three years.

10 pm
Curtis Fowlkes—Catfish Corner
Curtis Folwkes (trombone, composition) and his new band

7/12 Sunday (NYYT)
8 and 10 pm
IMPROV NIGHT—A Stone Benefit
Brandon Ross (guitar) and many special guests
A very special lineup of all stars play to support The Stone. Come on out for this special community night! TWENTY DOLLARS

7/14 Tuesday (JM)
8 pm
Marika Hughes—The Picasso Commissions
Marika Hughes (solo cello)
A collection of new solo cello pieces written for Marika by composers Eyvind Kang, Charlie Burnham, Dina Maccabee, Nasheet Waits, Shahzad Ismaily, Abraham Burton, Jenny Scheinman and Todd Sickafoose.

10 pm
Lucia Pulido Duo
Lucia Pulido (voice) Stomu Takeishi (bass guitar)

7/15 Wednesday (BLG)
8 pm
Daniel Moreno—Art Of Improvisation
Daniel Moreno (percussion) Marc Kary (piano) Jailton Macedo (brazilian percussion)

10 pm
The Fay Victor Ensemble
Fay Victor (voice, compositions) Anders Nilsson (electric guitar, effects) Ken Filiano (double bass, effects) Michael TA Thompson (drums, percussion)
The Fay Victor Ensemble is a voice-guitar-bass-drum unit that performs original material, providing structure for free improvisational flight; each member contributing equally to proceedings. No divas walking around here. That’s the idea.

7/16 Thursday (DD)
8 pm
Reggie Nicholson Percussion Concept
Warren Smith (percussion) Don Eaton (percussion) Daniel Carter (percussion, woodwinds) Reggie Nicholson (drums, percussion)
Performing the music from his recording "Timbre Suite" (Tone Colors).

10 pm
Dawn of Midi
Qasim Naqvi (drums) Aakaash Israni (bass) Amino Belyamani (piano)

Special concert Series beginning July 17
curated by Brandon Ross
*Asterisks denote a concert in the STATE OF THE AXE Festival taking place during July. A new book "State Of The Axe—Guitar Masters in Photographs and Words" by Ralph Gibson is published by The Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston and distributed by Yale University Press 2008. It is widely available and will be on sale at The Stone on AXE Festival nights.

7/17 Friday (TD)
8 pm
*Michelle Webb Group
Michelle Webb (guitar and oud) Warren Penderson (bass) Kokayi (MC, rapper, keys) Brian Settles (sax) John Laine (drums)
This set is part of the STATE OF THE AXE Festival taking place during the month. A new book "State Of The Axe - Guitar Masters in Photographs and Words" by Ralph Gibson, published by The Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston and distributed by Yale University Press, 2008, is widely available and will be available at The Stone on Axe Festival nights.

10 pm
Rob Reddy Group
Rob Reddy (saxophone) Jef Lee Johnson (guitar) Dom Richards (bass) Pheeroan ak Laff (drums)

7/18 Saturday (DD)
8 pm
Charlie Burnham's Hidden City
Charlie Burnham (violin, mandolin, voice)

10 pm
JT Lewis's Middle Passage Squad
JT Lewis (drums) Val Inc. (electronic percussion) Will Martina (cello)

7/19 Sunday (NYYT)
8 pm
Ben Tyree
Ben Tyree (acoustic guitar)
Ben Tyree performs new (and rearranged) original solo acoustic guitar material. Works and explorations in (standard and) alternate tunings - which have reoriented Tyree to the lush and mysterious instrument he loves so deeply.

10 pm
Guillermo Brown
Guillermo E. Brown, BiLLLL$
Guillermo E. Brown and BiLLLL$ present "Shuffle Mode", "Crack Unicorns" and more.

7/21 Tuesday (BS)
8 pm
Jonathan Finlayson and Sicilian Defense
Jonathan Finlayson
A set of chess inspired composition and improvisation.

10 pm
John Lindberg and Marty Ehrlich Duo

7/22 Wednesday (JC)
8 pm
*Ralph Gibson & Chuck Zwicky—Ich Bin Die Nacht
Ralph Gibson (electric guitar, photography) Chuck Zwicky (extemporaneous ephemera and site specific ambient improv for solo guitar and electrical memory)
Ralph Gibson's images in film with live accompaniment for solo electric guitar.

10 pm
Terrence McManus—The Dream of the Ants-Beta
Terrence McManus (homemade classical guitar, composer) Mat Maneri (viola) Ellery Eskelin (tenor saxophone) Russ Lossing (piano) Gerry Hemingway-drums, percussion)
This new expanded incarnation, derived from the original trio setting, will be performing the multi-sectional, through-composed work entitled, The Machine. The piece is sixty minutes in duration, and is divided into six overlapping sections. A true chamber work in the classical idiom, The Machine is highly influenced by the work of Morton Feldman, Gyorgy Ligeti, and Bela Bartok.

7/23 Thursday (CB)
8 pm
Duck Baker—original compositions and improvisations
Duck Baker (solo guitar)

Acclaimed acoustic guitar master known for his interpretations of everything from traditional folk tunes to Thelonious Monk and Herbie Nichols, showcases his own compositions and improvisational skills.

10 pm
Vijay Iyer
Vijay Iyer (solo piano)

7/24 Friday (DD)
8 pm
*Brandon Ross—FoR LiViNG LOvERS
Brandon Ross (acoustic guitars, banjo, voice) Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar)
Fifteen Dollars.

10 pm
*Brandon Ross—If God Has Planted This Love In My Heart
Brandon Ross (acoustic guitars, voice) Aaron Stewart (saxophone) Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar) Sadiq Bey (poetry) Rubin Kodheli (cello) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)
Fifteen Dollars.

7/25 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
*Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory (guitar, voice)

10 pm
Bern Nix Trio—Metamainstream Jazz Guitar with a Harmolodic Bent
Bern Nix (guitar) Francois Grillot (bass) Jackson Krall (drums)
Fifteen Dollars.

7/26 Sunday (NYYT)
8 pm
Errollyn Wallen
Errollyn Wallen (piano, voice) special guest Margaret Leng Tan (toy pianos)

10 pm
Paul Steven Ray
Paul Steven Ray (electric guitar, laptop, moog, electronics, embedded vocals) Eli Fountain (percussion)Josh Scott (bass guitar)
Paul Steven Ray's NineNine: ElectronicRitualGroove in a Psychedelic vein.

7/28 Tuesday (MP)
8 and 10 pm
Butch Morris "Does His Thing"
Butch Morris (conduction)

7/29 Wednesday (DD)
8 pm
*Liberty Ellman
Liberty Ellman (guitar)

10 pm
Ed Cherry
Ed Cherry (guitar) Jared Gold (organ) Maclenty Hunter (drums)

7/30 Thursday (JM)
8 and 10 pm
*The BBC
Tim Berne (saxophone) Jim Black (drums) Nels Cline (guitar)

7/31 Friday (DD)
8 and 10 pm
Me'Shell N'degeocello, Brandon Ross—Dyadic
Me'Shell N'degeocello (electric bass, voice) Brandon Ross (guitars, voice) Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass guitar)
Twenty Dollars.