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January 2006 at the Stone 
curated by William Parker

1/3 Tuesday
8 pm
Henry Warner Trio
Henry Warner (alto sax, clarinet) William Parker (bass) Rashid Bakr (drums)

10 pm
Andrew Barker Quintet
Rob Brown (alto) Charles Waters (alto) Adam Roberts (bass) Hilliard Green (bass)
Andrew Barker (drums)

1/4 Wednesday
8 pm
Charles Waters' Chromacolossus--Thirteen Visions of the City
Charles Waters (alto saxophone, clarinet) Chris McIntyre (trombone) George Rush (bass, tuba) Drew Barker (percussion, cello)

10 pm
Rashid Bakr quintet
Joe Rigby (reeds) Ras Moshe (tenor sax) Billy Stein (guitar) Ruben Radden (bass)
Rashid Bakr (drums)

1/5 Thursday
8 pm
Beauty and The Bass
Juini Booth (solo bass)

10 pm
Marc Ribot's Spiritual Unity
Marc Ribot (guitar) Roy Campbell, Jr. (trumpet) Chad Taylor (drums) Henry Grimes (bass)
20 dollars (15 dollars for students and elders)

1/6 Friday
8 pm
Michael Bisio Quartet
Michael Bisio (bass) Avram Fefer (reeds) Steve Gauci (tenor sax) Jay Rosen (drums)

10 pm
Michael Bisio, Matthew Shipp, Jay Rosen
Michael Bisio (bass) Matthew Shipp (piano) Jay Rosen (drums)

1/7 Saturday
8 pm
Poetry and Music
Steve Dalachinsky (poet) William Parker (bass) Rob Brown (alto sax)
Sabir Mateen (tenor sax) Matt Lavelle (trumpet) Andrew Bemkey (piano) Henry Wood (drums)

10 pm
Patricia Nicholson (dance, music) Billy Bang (violin) William Parker (bass)

1/8 Sunday
8 pm
Rob Brown/Jo Wood Brown Project
Rob Brown (alto sax) Matt Moran (vibes) & Video

10 pm
Rob Brown and Matthew Shipp Duo
Rob Brown (alto sax) Matthew Shipp (piano)

1/10 Tuesday
8 pm
The Hanuman Sextet
Andy Hass (sax, fife, shofar, electronics) Don Fiorino (lap steel, lotar)
Mia Theodoratus (electric harp) Matt Heyner (bass) David Gould (drums) Dee Pop (percussion)

10 pm
The Fonda / Stevens Group
Michael Stevens (piano) Herb Robertson (trumpet) Harvey Sorgen (drums) Joe Fonda (bass)

1/11 Wednesday
8 pm
Mark Whitecage's "BushWacked - A Spoken Opera"
Roy Campbell, Jr. (trumpet, vocals) Rozanne Levine (Bb and alto clarinets) Mark Whitecage (alto sax, Bb clarinet) Joe Fonda (bass) Jay Rosen (drums)
NYC Premiere of Mark Whitecage's new opera.

10 pm
Rozanne Levine and The New Reed Quartet
Perry Robinson (Bb and sopranino clarinets) Mark Whitecage (alto sax, Bb clarinet) Rozanne Levine (Bb and alto clarinets) Matt Snyder (Bb and bass clarinets) Guests Campbell, Jr. Joe Fonda (bass) Jay Rosen (drums)

1/12 Thursday
8 pm
Yuko Fujiyama Quartet
Yuko Fuijiyama (piano) Mark Feldman (violin) Okkyung Lee (cello) Reggie Nicholson (drums)

10 pm
Eri Yamamoto Trio
Eri Yamamoto (piano) David Ambrosio (bass) Ikuo Takeuchi (drums)

1/13 Friday
8 pm
Warren Smith Quartet
Warren Smith (percussion) Andrew Lamb (tenor sax) Tom Abbs (bass) Mark Taylor (french horn)

10 pm
Andrew Bemkey Duo
Andrew Bemkey (piano) Newman Taylor Baker (drums)

1/14 Saturday
8 and 10 pm
Jemeel Moondoc Trio
Connie Crothers (piano) Henry Grimes (bass) Jemeel Moondoc (alto sax)
15 dollars. 10 dollars for seniors and students

1/15 Sunday
8 pm
Lisa Sokolow Quartet
Lisa Sokolow (vocal) John DiMartino (piano)
Mark Helias (bass) Gerry Hemingway (drums)

10 pm
The Daves
Dave Hofstra (tuba) Dave Sewelson (baritone sax)

1/17 Tuesday
8 pm
Reggie Workman’s Brew
Reggie Workmen (bass) Miya Masaoka (koto) Gerry Hemingway (drums)
15 Dollars

10 pm
Myk Freedman’s Saint Dirt Elementary School
Myk Freedman (lap steel) Ryan Driver (analog synth) Tania Gill (piano) Liam Robinson (melodica, accordion) Kai Koschmider (alto sax) Mike Kammers (tenor sax) Julia Hambleton (clarinet) Ben Greenberg (guitar) Mike Overton (bass) Jake Oelrichs (drums, glockenspiel)

1/18 Wednesday
8 pm
Todd Nicholson Ottic Band
Todd Nicholson (bass) Steve Swell (trombone) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Tatsuya Nakatani (drums)

10 pm
Chris Kuklis
Chris Kuklis (electric guitar) Lelah Simon (bass) Matt Miller (tenor sax) Joel Braverman (drums)

1/19 Thursday
8 pm
Reggie Nicholson
Reggie Nicholson (drums) Avram Fefer (reeds) Brian Smith (bass)

10 pm
Ras Moche Music Now Unit + One
Ras Moshe (tenor sax) Joe Rigby (reeds)
Matthew Heyner (bass) Jackson Krall (drums)

1/20 Friday
8 pm
Charles Gayle Trio

10 pm
Raphe Malik Quartet
Raphe Malik (trumpet) Sabir Mateen (reeds, flute) Larry Roland (Bass) Rashid Bakr (drums)

1/21 Saturday
8 and 10 pm
Henry Grimes/Roswell Rudd
Henry Grimes (bass) Roswell Rudd (trombone)
20 dollars or 35 dollars for both sets.

5 dollars off for students and elders.

1/22 Sunday
8 pm
Andrew Lamb
Andrew Lamb (tenor sax) Chad Taylor (drums, percussion) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass, oud) Tom Abbs (cello, bass, violin) Andrei Strobert (percussion)

10 pm
Jason Hwang Edge
Jason Kao Hwang (violin, composer) Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, trumpet) Andrew Drury (percussion) Ken Filiano (bass)

1/24 Tuesday
8 and 10 pm
William Parker Quartet
William Parker (bass) Rob Brown (alto sax)
Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Eri Yamamoto (piano) Hamid Drake (drums)

1/25 Wednesday
8 pm
Guillermo Brown
Guillermo Brown (drums)

10 pm
William Parker’s Painter's Spring
William Parker (bass) Daniel Carter (reeds, trumpet) Hamid Drake (drums)

1/26 Thursday
8 pm
Pyramid Trio
Roy Campbell (trumpet) William Parker (bass) Hamid Drake (drums)

10 pm
Raining On the Moon part one
William Parker (bass) Hamid Drake (drums)
Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Rob Brown (alto sax) Leena Conquest (voice)

1/27 Friday
8 pm
Other Dimensions in Music
Daniel Carter (reeds, trumpet) Roy Campbell (trumpet) William Parker (bass) Rashid Bakr (drums)

10 pm
Raining On the Moon part two
William Parker (bass) Hamid Drake (drums)
Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Rob Brown (alto sax) Leena Conquest (voice)

1/28 Saturday
8 pm
David Budbill “While We Still Have Feet”
William Parker (bass) Hamid Drake (drums) David Budbill (poetry)

10 pm
Eloping with the Sun
Joe Morris (banjo, guitar) William Parker (sintir) Hamid Drake (frame drum) Patricia Nicholson (dance)

1/29 Sunday
8 pm
"Frames" for woodwinds
Andrew Bemkey (bass clarinet) Matt Lavelle (bass clarinet) Sabir Mateen (alto clarinet, clarinet) soloist Daniel Carter (woodwinds) Alon Nechushtan (piano)
Others TBA
William Parker / Lakota Chamber Music—world premiere of two pieces. A Stone Benefit.

10 pm
"Light In The Hall of Whispers" for strings
Myk Freedman (lap steel) Todd Nicholson (bass) David Moss (bass) Shiau-shu Yu (cello) and others.
A Stone Benefit.

1/31 Tuesday
8 pm
Marc Ribot and William Parker Duet
Marc Ribot (guitar) William Parker (bass)
A Stone Benefit.

10 pm
A Stone Benefit
Vijay Iyer (piano) Jason Hwang (violin)
Steve Swell (trombone) Michael Bisio (bass) Mike Pride (drums)
A Stone Benefit.