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April 2006 at the Stone 
curated by Eyvind Kang and Jessika Kenney

4/1 Saturday
8 pm
William Parker, Federico Ughi, Daniel Carter
William Parker (bass, etc.) Federico Ughi (drums) Daniel Carter (piano, alto and tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet)

10 pm
Eri Yamamoto, William Parker , Daniel Carter, Anders Nilsson and Federico Ughi
Eri Yamamoto (piano) William Parker (bass) Anders Nilsson (electric guitar) Federico Ughi (drums) Daniel Carter (alto and tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet)

4/2 Sunday
8 pm
Brent Arnold
Brent Arnold (cello) Noriaki Watanabe (software synthesizers)

10 pm
Kato Hideki
Kato Hideki (bass, electronics) James Fei (electronics)

4/4 Tuesday
8 pm
Thomas Bartlett (vocals, piano, keyboards) Sam Amidon (banjo, guitar) Shahzad Ismaily (guitar, laptop) Peter Ecklund (cornet) Dougie Bowne (drums)

10 pm
Indra Rios-Moore (voice) Shahzad Ismaily (guitar, drums, voice) Sam Amidon (banjo, violin, guitar, voice)

4/5 Wednesday
8 pm
Momenta String Quartet
Miranda Cuckson and Annaliesa Place (violins) Stephanie Griffin (viola) Joanne Lin (cello)
Gyorgi Kurtag: Officium breve in memoriam Andrĉ Szervánsky op. 28

Martin Bresnick: String Quartet no. 3 (1992).

Also two world premieres by Philadelphia composers Melissa Pausina and Heidi Jacob.

10 pm
I-Sound (electronics)

4/6 Thursday
8 and 10 pm
Jessika Kenney and Chris Miller
Jessika Kenney (pesindhen), Chris Miller, Darsono (Javanese gamelan instruments)

4/7 Friday
8 pm
Donald Moore
Donald Moore (double bass) and Friends
Donald Moore was born in Philadelphia in 1937. He has lived in New York City since the early 60s. He started his career playing and touring in Europe with Archie Shepp, Don Cherry and the New York Contemporary Five. Over the years he has played with Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk, Jackie McLean, Elvin Jones, Thad Jones, Hank Mobley, the Gil Evans Orchestra, Joe Henderson, John Hicks, Kenny Barron and many others.

10 pm
Charlie Burnham Quartet
Charlie Burnham (violin, mandolin) Doug Weiselman (clarinet) Brad Jones (bass) Pheeroan AkLaff (drums)

4/8 Saturday
8 pm
Good for Cows
Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
Good for Cows
Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Surprise Special Guest

4/9 Sunday
8 pm
Shahzad Ismaily in the Unknown
Shahzad Ismaily

10 pm
K.J. Holmes
K.J. Holmes

4/11 Tuesday
8 pm
Doug Wieselman (clarinet)

10 pm
Jessika Kenney (voice) Eyvind Kang (viola)

4/12 Wednesday
8 pm
Shelley Burgon
Shelley Burgon (harp, laptop)

10 pm
Avey Tare, Kria Brekkan
Avey Tare (guitar, voice) Kria Brekkan (piano, voice)

4/13 Thursday
8 pm
Okkyung Lee
Okkyung Lee (cello) and Special Guest

10 pm
Brent Arnold and Dark Cutters
Erik Carlson (violin) Karen Watuch (viola)
Brent Arnold (cello) Reuben Radding (bass)
Music for string ensemble.

4/14 Friday
8 pm
Ikue Mori (electronics) Jessika Kenney (voice) Shelley Burgon (harp, laptop) Trevor Dunn (bass) Miguel Frasconi (glass objects) Eyvind Kang (viola, violin)

10 pm
Franz Josef Haydn
The Seven Last Words of Christ
Transfiguration: Song-a Dell'aquila-Cho (1st violin) Naho Tsutsui (2nd violin) Stephanie Griffin, (viola) Joanne Lin (cello) plus Guests

4/15 Saturday
8 pm
Alien Folk Music
Robert Jenkins (voices, guitar) Marika Shimkus (bassoon)

10 pm
Robert Jenkins (voices, guitar) Marika Shimkus (bassoon) Tim Fife, Sean Reardon

4/16 Sunday
8 pm
Beware the Blunted Needle
Five mysterious women on strange punk rock adventure. A Philadelphia visitation.

10 pm
International Anthems for Irrational Numbers
Justin (onieric imperium noise)
Multitasking trio who play horns and punk music. A Philadelphia visitation. Special appearance by Justin.

4/18 Tuesday
8 pm
Margit Galanter, Jessika Kenney

10 pm
Vincent Chancey, Mary Halvorson, Eyvind Kang
Vincent Chancey (french horn) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Eyvind Kang (viola)

4/19 Wednesday
8 pm
Alone Inside my Head
Sam Amidon (solo violin)

10 pm
Abraham Kenney
Abraham Kenney (acoustic guitar)
Former member of legendary death metal band Pathos in a solo acoustic sphere.

4/20 Thursday
8 pm
Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone
Mary Halvorson (guitar) Jessica Pavone (viola)

10 pm
Andrew Drury
Andrew Drury (drums) Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone) Matt Bauder (tenor sax, clarinet) Peter Evans (trumpet)

4/21 Friday
8 pm
Marianne Giosa and Daniel Carter
Marianne Giosa (trumpet, piano, percussion, wooden flutes, kalimba) Daniel Carter (alto and tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet)

10 pm
Kria Brekkan
Kria Brekkan (piano, voice)

4/22 Saturday
8 pm
Mystery of the Yielding Tones, Revealed in Jesus
Ikue Mori (electronics) Briggan Krauss (clarinet, alto saxophone) Eyvind Kang (viola)

10 pm
Dying Ground
Grant Calvin Weston (drums) Kato Hideki (bass) Eyvind Kang (viola)

4/23 Sunday
8 pm
Stephen Fandrich, Jarrad Powell, Jessika Kenney (voices)
Presentation and performance of a composition by Stephen Fandrich for harmonic singing.

10 pm
The Vocal Music of Jarrad Powell
Jessika Kenney (voice) Steven Fandrich (voice) Eyvind Kang (meta-viola)
"The Orders of Time", a speculative talk, given by the composer.

4/25 Tuesday
8 pm
Secret Chiefs 3 Quartet
Trey Spruance (electric saz, guitar) Shahzad Ismaily (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Eyvind Kang (violin)

10 pm
My Ears are Bent
Ted Reichman (piano, electronics) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Ben Perowsky (drums)

4/26 Wednesday
8 pm
Ottoman Classical Music
Phaedon Sinis (kemence, tarhu) Mavrothis Kontanis (oud) Adam Good (tanbur, percussion)

10 pm
Sirius String Quartet
Gregor Huebner, Jenny Choi (violin) Ron Lawrence (viola) Dave Eggar (cello) with special guests Eyvind Kang (viola) Daniel Carter (alto and tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet)

4/27 Thursday
8 pm
Alchemical Music in Renaissance Hermeticism
Presentation with projected images given by William Kiesel.

10 pm
Atalanta Fugiens
Jessika Kenney (voice) Stephanie Griffin (viola) Eyvind Kang (viola)
Musical selections from the multi-media work by Count Michael Maier (1617).

4/28 Friday
8 pm
E.M. Azoth
A discussion by E.M. Azoth, with some musical accompaniment.

Cosmology above the abyss of speculative concurrence: Configurations of spatial fixity (cube, pole, cord) in doctrines of initiatory birth.

10 pm
How Odd to H-ear from Me
Seraphim (voice), Jessika Kenney (voice) Billy Martin (percussion) Chris Miller (Gender) Tikka Sears (mask theater) Eyvind Kang (electric guitar)

4/29 Saturday
8 and 10 pm
Vishal Vaid, Ole Mathisen and Jamshied Sharifi
Vishal Vaid (voice, harmonium) Ole Mathisen (clarinet) Jamshied Sharifi (synthesizer) plus Special Guests

4/30 Sunday
8 pm
Aki Onda
Aki Onda (cassettes, electronics)

10 pm
Rachel Diamond
"The shifting worlds.... with Rachel Diamond, shamanic practitioner and one-lady-band".