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July 2006 at the Stone 
curated by Matthew Welch

July 1 - 6
Avant-Gong Mini-festival
A dynamic range of innovation inspired by the music of Southeast Asia

7/1 Saturday
8 pm
Bhima Swarga
Ikue Mori and Matthew Welch with Gamelan Dharma Swara
A modern spin on the Balinese Wayang Kulit. Ikue Mori has added image processing to her unique sound manipulations to create a brilliant audio/visual performance animating characters from traditional Balinese paintings. Accompanied by Welch's music for Balinese gamelan based on bagpipe laments.

10 pm
Andy McGraw and Gamelan Dharma Swara
Andy McGraw and Gamelan Dharma Swara, led by I Nyoman Saptanyana, present a set of traditional, new and experimental seven-tone Balinese gamelan music by Andrew McGraw, I Ketut Dewa Alit and I Nyoman Windha.

7/2 Sunday
8 pm
Chris Miller and Guests
Works for Javanese gamelan instruments and electronics. Explorations of time, tuning, and player interaction, with bowed keys, spinning pots, walking finger cymbals, and feedback.

10 pm
Nick Brooke and guests
Nick Brooke twists Javanese forms into new music for spike fiddle, gendèrs, vocals and sitèr. Brooke's fragmented collages of recordings, foley, and home-made instruments rework gamelan into a battered chinoiserie.

7/3 Monday
8 pm
Skip Laplante and Music for Homemade Instruments

10 pm
Andrew Raffo Dewar and guests
Music for 8 Suling
A composition using multiple bamboo flutes to construct, stretch and splinter a single long melody line, creating a plethora of psychoacoustic phenomena along the way. Dedicated to Thai artist Inson Wongsam, who in 1962 packed a motor scooter full of his art and rode from Thailand to Italy.

July 4
Open July 3, Closed for July 4

7/5 Wednesday
8 pm and 10pm
Terry Dame's Electric Junkyard Gamelan
Robin Burdulis, Terry Dame, Mary Feaster, Lee Frisari and Julian Hintz
Original music on invented instruments and objects. Playing percussion instruments fashioned from old farm equipment, turntable platters, saw blades and truck springs, these five musicians play haunting modal melodies that float over funky bass lines and interlocking danceable rhythms.

7/6 Thursday
8 pm
Rama Gottfried - Transparencies (2006)
Electro-acoustic Ensemble Pamplemousse: Natacha Diels (flute) Michael Lormand (trombone) Jessie Marino (cello) Rich Bennett (guitar) Andrew Greenwald (drums) Rama Gottfried (shortwave radio, 1/8" loose cable, white & brown noise)

10 pm
Odd Appetite
Ha-Yang Kim (cello) Nathan Davis (percussion)
Odd Appetite makes music which is inspired by their experience with Balinese and Karnatic music and filled with a fascination for acoustic phenomena.  Giant gongs, microtonal bells, drums, pipes, and hammered dulcimer are heard alongside a de-tuned and amplified cello, processed with stomp boxes, all played with virtuosity, passion, and spirit.

7/7 Friday
8 pm
4Five6 - Eight Decades of Experimental Films & Music
Rob Henke (brass) Alan Brady, Jody Espina, Bohdan Hilash (reeds) Rolf Sturm (guitars) Jim Whitney (bass)
4Five6 performs a wide-ranging program of music with experimental films, video, and animation from 1920 to the present. Images from Rene Claire to Jan Svankmeyer and music from tone-row manipulation to soundpainting with everything in between...

10 pm
Anthony Pateras - Continuums & Chasms
Anthony Pateras (prepared piano)
A new 45 minute work exploring various textural and psychoacoustic pheomena generated from rapid velocity techniques on an amplified prepared piano.  Falling somewhere between electro-acoustic composition, powerbook noise, Nancarrow, Xenakis and Ligeti: bizarre beating, smacked out textures, multi-temporal mindfucks etc.

7/8 Saturday
8 pm
Matthew Welch Chamber Music
Shelley Burgon (harp) Marco Cappelli (guitar) Emily Manzo (piano) Jennifer Choi (violin) Karen Waltuch (viola) Ha-Yang Kim (cello) Trevor Dunn (contrabass) Jane Rigler (flute) Julie Ferrara (oboe) Anthony Burr (bass clarinet) Christina Monaco (bassoon)
A concert of delicate yet compelling chamber music featuring a premiere for guitar, a drone based viola solo, an early Feldman inspired piano piece and a rarely heard harp concerto inspired by the Tibetan Book of The Dead.

10 pm
Matt Welch's Blarvuster
Matthew Welch (bagpipe, sax and voice) Leah Paul (flutes) Karen Waltuch (viola) Mary Halvorson (electric guitar) Ian Riggs (electric bass) special guest Ches Smith (drums)
Labyrinthine and florid melodies streaming over alien funk counterpoint

7/9 Sunday
8 pm
Shawn Onsgard
Shawn Onsgard (piano)
Debut solo piano interrogations of harmonic imbalance extending the influences of Scriabin, Cecil Taylor, Vijay Iyer, and Anthony Braxton in Onsgard's improvisatory repertoire.

10 pm
Shawn Onsgard and Matthew Welch
Shawn Onsgard (piano) Matthew Welch (sax)

7/11 Tuesday
8 pm
Avian Music
Blair McMillen (piano) Andrew Sterman (woodwinds) Ann Cecil Sterman (flute) Arash Amini (cello) Chris Nappi (percussion) and other guests.
Avian Music CD Release Party features performances of pieces from their new recording by Scott Wheeler, Conrad Cummings, Matthew Welch, Ray Lustig, Peter Flint.

10 pm
Mary Halvorson and Emily Manzo
Emily Manzo (piano) Mary Halvorson (guitar)
Manzo plays excerpts from the Chopin Preludes and Halvorson creates an improvised response on the guitar. Manzo will also perform Halvorson's solo piano works.

7/12 Wednesday
8 pm
Ben Goldberg Trio
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
Ben Goldberg Quintet
Ellery Eskelin (sax) Mark Feldman (violin) Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

7/13 Thursday
8 pm
Matthew Welch's Blind Piper's Obstinancy
Matthew Welch (bagpipes) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
Ches Smith's These Arches
Tony Malaby (sax) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (Drums)

7/14 Friday
8 pm
Devin Hoff and Guests
Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Andrea Parkins (accordion, piano, electronics) Jessica Pavone (viola)

10 pm
Good for Cows with Shelley Burgon and Trevor Dunn
Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Shelley Burgon (harp/electronics) Trevor Dunn (bass)

7/15 Saturday
8 pm
Ches Smith's Solo Music
Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
Good for Cows with Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone
Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Jessica Pavone (viola)

7/16 Sunday
8 pm and 10pm
Jeremiah Cymerman and Jonathan Railey - "Just a Closer Walk With Thee"
Jonathan Railey (Film) Jeremiah Cymerman (compostions, clarinet, & electronics) Chrsitopher Hoffman (cello) Ches Smith (percussion) Matthew Welch (gamelan)
A five movement suite for music & film, based on the five Buddha families as taught by Chogyam Trungpa.

7/18 Tuesday
8 pm
Daniel Kelly's Duets with Ghosts
Daniel Kelly (piano, keyboards, sampler, effects) Anders Nilsson (electric guitar) Dave Ambrosio (bass) Rob Garcia (drums)
Duets with Ghosts incorporates samples, electronic effects and improvisation with compositions that cross the boundaries of jazz, rock, classical and film music.

10 pm
Rodney Sharman - Solo Compositions
Conrad Harris (violin) Marco Cappelli (guitar) Shelley Burgon (harp) Rick Sacks (vibraphone) Emily Manzo (piano)
A portrait of the delicate and intensely beautiful music of Rodney Sharman, a student of Morton Feldman and one of Canada's greatest composers. Includes a premiere for piano.

7/19 Wednesday
8 pm
The Thorpe
Josh Thorpe (guitar and objects) Aimée Dawn Robinson (guitar, keyboard,objects) Colin Clark (guitar, keyboard)
Stalwarts of the growing experimental scene in Toronto, The Thorpe presents bizarre improvisations based on hidden pop songs

10 pm
Matt Bauder's Paper Gardens
Matt Bauder's Paper Gardens
Matt Bauder (tenor saxophone, clarinet, composition) Matana Roberts (alto saxophone, clarinet) Loren Dempster (cello) Reuben Radding (bass)

7/20 Thursday
8 pm
Randy Nordschow
An evening of audiovisual work created by composer/sound artist Randy Nordschow. Guaranteed Answered Prayers riffs late-night infomercials and televangelism into an ersatz-DJ video performance complete with miracle spring water. Marco Cappelli turns Nordschow’s videotaped air guitar into sonic reality and Jenny Lin performs a new version of Detail of Beethoven’s Hair for piano and electronics.

10 pm
Judy Dunaway and Tom Chiu
Judy Dunaway (balloons) Tom Chiu (violin)
Latex balloon virtuoso Judy Dunaway in improvisational duets with violinist and Flux Quartet founder,Tom Chiu.

7/21 Friday
8 pm
Billy Martin
Billy Martin (mbiras)
A solo concert of compositions for African thumb pianos.

10 pm
Anthony Braxton's Composition No. 247
Matt Bauder (reeds) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Taylor Ho Bynum (brass) James Fei (reeds) Jessica Pavone (viola) Matthew Welch (bagpipes)
A rarely heard ghost trance composition for bagpipes and ensemble.

7/22 Saturday
8 pm
Okkyung Lee and Andrew Lampert
Okkyung Lee (cello) Andrew Lampert (film) and special guest Chris Corsano (drums)

10 pm
Okkyung Lee and Andrew Lampert
Okkyung Lee (cello) Andrew Lampert (film)

7/23 Sunday
8 pm and 10pm
A Stone Benefit
Shelley Burgon (electronics, clarsach) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Trevor Dunn (bass) Okkyung Lee (cello) Aki Onda (electronics) KimSu Theiler (film) Matthew Welch (reeds)
A music and video performance by the Stone Staff and Special Guests.

7/25 Tuesday
8 pm
S.E.M. Ensemble plays Feldman and Emerging Composers
Reiko Füting            leaving without/palimpsest  (2006)

Sam Hillmer         the night sweats and the day sweats (2004)

Anne Guthrie            Margaret Or Olivier  (2006)

Morton Feldman             Why Patterns?  (1978)

10 pm
S.E.M. Ensemble
John Cage         Ryoanji (1983)

Julius Eastman            Piano 2 (1986)

La Monte Young            Composition 1960 #7 (1960)

7/26 Wednesday
8 pm
Mike Pride (drums, glockenspiel, voice) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Ken Filiano (bass)
Premiere of Mike Pride's new song cycle "Sour Work Dreams."

10 pm
Karen Waltuch
Karen Waltuch (viola, compositions) Ben Holmes (trumpet) Reuben Radding (bass)

7/27 Thursday
8 pm
The Pavone Show
Jessica Pavone (viola & electric bass) Matt Bauder (reeds) Peter Evans (trumpet) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Emily Manzo (piano) Matana Roberts (reeds) Aaron Siegel (drums, vibraphone)
The Pavone show: new pieces and ensemble music by Jessica Pavone

10 pm
The Ornate Surface of Charlie Looker
Charlie Looker (guitar, vocals, composer) with the Scenery Ensemble: Sam Hillmer (tenor saxophone) Jessie Marino (cello) Matthew Hough (guitar) Ian Antonio (percussion) Jill Sokol (bass flute) Mick McGuiness (bass clarinet) and other special guests
Two chamber pieces plus premier of new solo project/song cycle

7/28 Friday
8 pm
Jason Cady - Post-Madonna Prima Donna / Odi et Amo
Erin Flannery (soprano) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Emily Manzo (piano) Deanna Neil (soprano) Jessica Pavone (bass guitar) Sara-Jane Ripa (flute) Aaron Siegel (vibraphone & percussion) Jason Cady (synthesizer & composition)
New York premiere of a one act opera with a libretto by Jason Cady, and world premiere of a cantata based on the works of the ancient Roman poet Catullus, which will be sung both in the original Latin and in English translations by the composer.

10 pm
Loren Dempster and the Bushwick String Quartet
Erik Carlson (violin) Karen Waltuch (viola) Jessica Pavone (viola) Loren Kiyoshi Dempster (cello)

7/29 Saturday
8 pm
Monika Heidemann Band
Erik Deutsch (keyboards) Khabu (guitar) Take Toriyama (drums) Jonti Simon (bass) Monika Heidemann (voice/songs)

10 pm
Matt Welch, Sam Amidon and Shahzad Ismaily
Matt Welch (voice) Sam Amidon (fiddle, banjo) Shahzad Ismaily (guitar, percussion)

7/30 Sunday
8 pm and 10pm
John Cage - Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano with video
Emily Manzo (prepared piano) Paul Rowley (video) David Phillips (video)