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February 2007 at the Stone 
curated by Mary Halvorson

2/1 Thursday (JG)
8 pm
Ches Smith, Matt Moran, Joe Karten and Nate Wooley
Ches Smith (drums) Matt Moran (vibraphone) Joe Karten (trumpet) Nate Wooley (trumpet)

10 pm
Brian Chase & Pure Filth: Songs of Love and Kratitude
Brian Chase (drums)
Drums and percussion close mic'd, amplified, and run through filters and eq's to magnify and pick apart natural acoustic properties and sonic details. Duets also and special guests to help further the cause.

2/2 Friday (JG)
8 pm
True Primes
Che Chen (oscillator, pedals) Rolyn Hu (vocals)
This Brooklyn duo are out to disinfect disaffection with their brand of elemental unrock.

10 pm
White Blue Yellow and Clouds
Matt Bauder (vocals, guitar, saxophone) Robbie Lee (keyboards, vocals) Dan St. Clair (keyboards, vocals) Andy Macleod (guitar, vocals) Terence Murren (bass) Aaron Siegel (drums) Stuart Bogie (saxophone, bass harmonica) Eric Biondo (trumpet) Jessica Pavone (viola, violin) Amy Cimini (viola)
Original and reworked oldies songs performed by Matt Bauder and special guests.

2/3 Saturday (JG)
8 pm
Micah Gaugh Trio
Micah Gaugh (saxophone, voice, piano) Jeremy Wilms (bass) Kevin Shea (drums)

10 pm
Kevin Uehlinger Quartet
Kevin Uehlinger (piano, electric piano) Harris Eisenstadt (percussion) Sam Hoyt (trumpet) Keith Witty (bass)

2/4 Sunday (JG)
8 pm
The Pavone Show Part II
Jessica Pavone (violin) Emily Manzo (piano) Loren Dempser (cello) Amy Cimini (viola) Katie Young (bassoon)
The Pavones—Jessica Pavone (bass guitar) Matt Bauder (tenor saxophone) Michael Attias (alto saxophone) Peter Evans (trumpet) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Aaron Siegel (percussion)
Premieres of 2 new pieces: Meridian and The Darkest Hour Plus a set by The Pavones.

10 pm
Mostly Other People Do the Killing
Moppa Elliott (bass) Peter Evans (trumpet) Jon Irabagon (saxophone) Kevin Shea (drums)
Pan-jazz neo/retro post-swing be-bop terrorists play reconstituted jazz classics.

2/6 Tuesday (JG)
8 pm
Ches Smith's Congs for Brums Quartet
John Tchicai (saxophone) Raz Mesinai (electronics) Russell Greenberg (vibraphone, percussion) Chad Wagner (piano) Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
From Bacteria to Boys
Mike Pride (drums) Darius Jones (saxophone) Jamie Saft (piano) Evan Lipson (bass)

February 7—13
One week of the best and most radical guitarists around.

2/7 Wednesday (JG)
8 pm
Brian Chase & Jon Catler: Works for Just Intonation Guitars
Brian Chase (just intonation guitar) Jon Catler (just intonation guitar)
Jon Catler is a guitarist, composer, and educator dedicated to the practice of Just Intonation. He has been a close associate of La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela for many years and has performed and recorded with Young's Forever Bad Blues Band. Catler designs microtonal guitars and refretted necks to suit Just Intonation. For Tonight's set, Chase and Catler will perform new works and sound environments for guitar based in 'nature's tuning system.'

10 pm
Marc Ribot, Mary Halvorson and Ches Smith
Marc Ribot (guitar) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Ches Smith (drums)

2/8 Thursday (JG)
8 pm
Robbie Lee
Robbie Lee (guitar, woodwinds)
Robbie Lee avails himself of an instrumental cabinet of curiosities to produce unexpected improvised sounds: renaissance woodwinds, looped guitars, bells, whistles, and who knows what else.

10 pm
Mick Barr
Mick Barr (guitar)

2/9 Friday (JG)
8 pm
Mary Halvorson Trio
Mary Halvorson (guitar) John Hebert (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
Normal Love
Carlos Santiago (violin) Alex Nagle (guitar) Amnon D. Freidlin (guitar) Evan Lipson (bass) Eli Litwin (drums)
Stoking the community since '06, NORMAL LOVE is a Philadelphia-based quintet comprised of amplified violin, two electric guitars, electric bass, and drum set. Their music generally has a loud and brutal aesthetic with compositional influences ranging from African Minimalism to Serialism to Death Metal but rarely within the same piece.

2/10 Saturday (JG)
8 pm
Joe Morris & Mary Halvorson
Joe Morris (guitar) Mary Halvorson (guitar)

10 pm
Joe Morris & Daniel Levin
Joe Morris (guitar) Daniel Levin (cello)

2/11 Sunday (JG)
8 pm
Nels Cline & Elliott Sharp
Nels Cline (guitar) Elliott Sharp (guitar)

10 pm
Nels Cline, Mary Halvorson, Andrea Parkins, Shahzad Ismaily & Ches Smith
Nels Cline (guitar) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Andrea Parkins (accordion) Shahzad Ismaily
(bass) Ches Smith (drums)

2/13 Tuesday (JG)
8 pm
Weasel Walter, Henry Kaiser and Damon Smith
Weasel Walter (drums) Henry Kaiser (guitar) Damon Smith (bass)

10 pm
Peter Evans Quartet
Peter Evans (trumpet) Brandon Seabrook (guitar, banjo) Tom Blancarte (bass) Kevin Shea (drums)

2/14 Wednesday (HHC)
8 and 10 pm
Special Valentine's Day Improv Night—A Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) Henry Kaiser (guitar) Ikue Mori (electronics) Trevor Dunn (bass) Shelley Burgon (harp) Lukas Ligeti (drums) Okkyung Lee (cello) Peter Evans (trumpet) and many special guests
A loving way to spend the holiday...bring your sweetheart and support the Stone! TWENTY DOLLARS

2/15 Thursday (GG)
8 pm
Weasel Walter & Mary Halvorson
Weasel Walter (drums) Mary Halvorson (guitar)

10 pm
Weasel Walter, Damon Smith, Marco Eneidi & Mario Rechtern
Weasel Walter (drums) Damon Smith (bass) Marco Eneidi (alto saxophone) Mario Rechtern (reeds)

2/16 Friday (OL)
8 pm
John Tchicai & Adam Lane
John Tchicai (saxophone) Adam Lane (bass)

10 pm
John Tchicai, Adam Lane, Garrison Fewell & Vijay Anderson
John Tchicai (saxophone) Adam Lane (bass) Garrison Fewell (guitar) Vijay Anderson (drums)

2/17 Saturday (BLG)
8 pm
Exploding Heart
Tony Malaby (saxophone) William Parker (bass) Nasheet Waits (drums)

10 pm
Matana Roberts (reeds) Tyshawn Sorey (piano)

2/18 Sunday (JC)
8 pm
Matthew Welch's Chamber Music
Matthew Welch (bagpipes and reeds) Emily Manzo (piano) Ashley Deekus (marimba) Peter Evans (trumpet) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Sam Kulik (bass trombone)
An evening of old and new solo compositions, plus some rarely played improvisatory works.

10 pm
John Hebert Trio
John Hebert (bass) Russ Lossing (piano) Randy Peterson (drums)

2/20 Tuesday (CW)
8 pm
Tatsuya Nakatani Solo
Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion)

10 pm
Tim Keiper Solo
Tim Keiper (percussion)

2/21 Wednesday (SK)
8 pm
Reuben Radding String Quartet
Reuben Radding (bass) Jason Kao Hwang (violin) Karen Waltuch (viola) Loren Dempster (cello)

10 pm
Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone
Mary Halvorson (guitar) Jessica Pavone (viola)

2/22 Thursday (KJ)
8 pm
Memorize the Sky
Matt Bauder (reeds) Zach Wallace (bass) Aaron Siegel (percussion)
A long-standing collaborative improvisation trio which focuses on meticulously shaped textures, hovering and gradually unfolding.

10 pm
Nate Wooley Solo
Nate Wooley (trumpet)

2/23 Friday (SBTD)
8 pm
Andrea Parkins & Ches Smith
Andrea Parkins (electric accordion, electronics) Ches Smith (drumset, percussion, electronics)

10 pm
Curtis Hasselbring (trombone, guitar) Brandon Seabrook (guitar, banjo) Trevor Dunn (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Briggan Krauss (baritone sax)

2/24 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
William Winant & Ches Smith
William Winant (drums, percussion) Ches Smith (drums, percussion)

10 pm
Charles Evans & Peter Evans: the Language Of
Charles Evans (baritone sax) Peter Evans (trumpet) Moppa Elliott (bass) Kassa Overall (drums)
Microtonal bebop and beyond from the non-related Charlie and Peter.

2/25 Sunday (SC)
8 pm
Maya Dunietz Solo
Maya Dunietz (piano)
Israeli pianist and composer Maya Dunietz was born in Tel Aviv and is the founder of the Givol Choir. Her solo set will include parts from a piece called "Surprise" for piano, tape & words; and also some improvisations and some work with feedback.

10 pm
Maya Dunietz & friends
Maya Dunietz (piano) Shazhad Ismailly (bass, percussion) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet) Keren Rosenbaum (cello) Zeena Parkins (harp)

2/27 Tuesday (PE)
8 pm
Taylor Ho Bynum & Tomas Fujiwara
Tayor Ho Bynum (cornet) Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

10 pm
Jason Cady & Nadia Aymone Berenstein: A Phono-graphic Novel
Erin Flannery (Soprano) Deanna Neil (Soprano) Lisa Komara (Mezzo-Soprano) Mary Halvorson (Guitar) Jessica Pavone (Bass & viola) Jason Cady (Synthesizer) Aaron Siegel (Vibraphone) Brian Chase (Drums)
Preview performance of a comic book opera with music by Jason Cady and projected art by Nadia Aymone Berenstein.

2/28 Wednesday (PE)
8 pm
Extra Life & Regattas
Charlie Looker (guitar, voice) & Sam Hillmer (saxophone)
The solo project of Charlie Looker (Zs), Extra Life is dark, austere music dealing with elements of metal, pop and Medieval music. Regattas is Sam Hillmer (Zs/Moth/Wet Ink) doing whatever comes to mind, from solo tenor saxophone to large group chamber pieces. All decisions are unilateral, for better or worse.

10 pm
Charlie Looker (keyboards) Ben Greenberg (guitar) Sam Hillmer (saxophone) Ian Antonio (drums)
Formed in 2000, NYC's Zs makes music that is variously categorized as no-wave, post-jazz, brutal-chamber, brutal-prog, and post minimalist. Zs' music is angular, repetitive, and either very loud or very soft.

3/1 Thursday (OL)
8 pm
Sabir Mateen and Hillard Greene
Sabir Mateen (reeds) Hillard Greene (bass)

10 pm
Connie Crothers and Henry Grimes
Connie Crothers (piano) Henry Grimes (bass)