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February 2008 at the Stone 
curated by Zeena Parkins

2/1 Friday (MW)
8 pm
Robin Holcomb: Larks they Crazy
Robin Holcomb (piano) Marty Ehrlich (reeds) Doug Wieselman (reeds) Dave Hofstra (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10 pm
Jim Pugliese with Audrey Chen and Kato Hideki
Jim Pugliese (drums, mbira, cello, bass and voice) Audrey Chen (drums, mbira, cello, bass and voice) Kato Hideki (drums, mbira, cello, bass and voice)

2/2 Saturday (DB)
8 pm
Raz Mesinai—Sleepwalker
Raz Mesinai (electronics) Jonathan Gandelsman (violin) Shazhad Ismaily (bass)
Yet another phase in Mesinai’s powerful, hypnotic and extremely dubbed out piece for violin and bass.

10 pm
Jim Staley
Jim Staley (trombone) and special guests

2/3 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Wayne Horvitz—Music for Quartet
Wayne Horvitz (piano) Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon) Megan Weeder (violnn, viola) Doug Wieselman (clairnet)

10 pm
Robin Holcomb: Song Set
Robin Holcomb (voice) Wayne Horvitz (piano) Doug Wieselman (guitar, clarinet) Tony Scherr (bass, guitar)
Songs by Robin Holcomb, Michael Hurley, Stephen Foster, Randy Newman, Doc Pormus and more.

2/5 Tuesday (KT)
8 pm
Okyuung Lee and Cornelius Dufallo
Okyuung Lee (cello) Cornelius Dufallo (violin)

10 pm
Miya Masaoka
Miya Masaoka (koto) Ned Rothenberg (clarinets, shakuhachi) Robert Dick (flute, glissando flute, bass flute, piccolo) Ursel Schlich (piano)

2/6 Wednesday (BLG)
8 pm
Kenta Nagai
Kenta Nagai (guitar and electronics)
Solo, but not alone. On stage with an astounding array of digital pedals, switches, boxes and devices, Nagai puts his electric fretless guitar through the paces. The motto for the evening--find a sonic space worth lingering in and then dance your way out of it.

10 pm
Alex Waterman
Anthony Coleman (piano, organ) Chris Mann (voice) Alex Waterman (cello) David Watson (guitar and/or bagpipes)

2/7 Thursday (OL)
8 pm
Jennifer Walshe—Pieces for Voice
Jennifer Walshe (voice)
Jennifer Walshe will perform compositions for solo voice with various gadgets.

10 pm
Suzanne Thorpe and Philip White
Suzanne Thorpe (flute, electronics) Philip White (electronics)
Electro-acoustic flautist Suzanne Thorpe (Mercury Rev, J Mascis, the Wounded Knees) will be joined by sound artist Philip White as they perform flute and feedback solos and duos, otherwise known as thenumber46. Thorpe and White will improvise with electronic, acoustic and video instrumentation, exploring architectural constructs and points of contact during composer/performer/listener interaction. Plus it'll sound good.

2/8 Friday (OL)
8 pm
Sylvie Courvoisier and Mark Feldman Duo— Improvisations and New Compositions
Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Mark Feldman (violin)

10 pm
White Out with Nate Wooley
Lin Culbertson (analog synthesizer, autoharp) Tom Surgal (drums) Nate Wooley (trumpet)
Only 5.00 for this set!!

2/9 Saturday (SBTD)
8 and 10 pm
Kevin Blechdom—semi-improvised opera
Chingchongsong, Lumberob, Barwave and friends (piano, bass, drums, saw, electronics, voices)

2/10 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Yoon Jeong Heo—Solo and Ensembles
Yoon Jeong Heo (geomungo, a-jeng) Ned Rothenberg (clarinets, shakuhachi) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

10 pm
Ned Rothenberg, Satoshi Takeishi and Yoon Jeong Heo
Yoon Jeong Heo (geomungo, a-jeng) Ned Rothenberg (clarinets, shakuhachi) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

2/12 Tuesday (CB)
8 pm
Briggan Krauss (alto and baritone saxophones) Ikue Mori (laptop) Jim Black (drums)

10 pm
Michael J. Schumacher and Ed Tomney
Michael J Schumacher (computer, electric guitar, synth, bass) Ed Tomney
Michael J. Schumacher and Ed Tomney duos with laptops and analog synthesizers.

2/13 Wednesday (HH)
8 pm
Etna Caelus
Sono Etna part 2 and part 1
Shelley Burgon (harp, piano, computer) Trevor Dunn (bass) Shannon Fields (guitar) Ryan Sawyer (drums)

10 pm
Ches Smith's Overwriters
John Hebert (bass) Dan Weiss, Ches Smith (drums, percussion)

2/14 Thursday (MF)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn (sax) Zeena Parkins (harp) and many beautiful and loving surprise guests
A romantic night of improvisation to benefit the Stone! TWENTY DOLLARS

2/15 Friday (OL)
8 pm
Zeena Parkins and Janene Higgins Duo
Zeena Parkins (electric harp, electronics) Janene Higgins (images)

10 pm
Carlos Giffoni and C. Spencer Yeh
Carlos Giffoni (analog synth) C. Spencer Yeh (voice, violin, electronics)

2/16 Saturday (GG)
8 pm
Mark Stewart Solo
Mark Stewart (electric guitar, homemade instruments)
The satirical song-cycle "Everbody's Somebody's Infidel." and "Music from the Lab" played upon the daxophone, trombadoo, whirlie copter, slide whistle organ, plumbing horns, 2x4 kora, uboingy spring guitar, car horn organ, friction mallet 4-tet, and a family of microsonisphere-ophones. Audience as 'house band'--nose flutes for all attendees. Special guests likely.

10 pm
Dougie Bowne
Dougie Bowne (drums) Special Guests

2/17 Sunday (RK)
8 pm
Anantha R. Krishnan and Kevin Adams: VRIKSHA
Anantha R. Krishnan (percussion) Kevin Adams (video)
VRIKSHA: electro-acoustic perconcussions with video projection.

10 pm
Wiener Kids
Wiener Kids: Jordan Glenn (drums, melodica) Ava Mendoza (guitar)
Music inspired by small dogs, old bikes, muppets, cheap Halloween decorations, babies with glasses and other wiener kids

2/19 Tuesday (CB)
8 pm
Zach Layton
Evan Rapport (saxaphone) Zach Layton (guitar)
Zach Layton presents new works and improvisations for guitar trio, solo improvisations and a new piece for chamber ensemble entitled “in Z”.

10 pm
Andrea Parkins
Andrea Parkins (electric accordion/FX, live processing) Ches Smith (drums, electronics) and special guests

2/20 Wednesday (OL)
8 pm
Satoshi Takeishi and Shoko Nagai
Satoshi Takeishi (percussion and electronics) Shoko Nagai (piano) and a special guest
Improvised music based on Nogaku (Japanese Noh theatre music)

10 pm
Greenlief-Halvorson duo
Phillip Greenleaf (saxaphone) Mary Halvorson (guitar)
The duo will perform improvisations and new compositions by Phillip Greenleaf, from his recent series of Map Pieces which draw upon compositional elements, improvisations and game strategies.

2/21 Thursday (KJ)
8 pm
Chris McIntyre-New Solos and Works for Improvisers
Chris McIntyre (trombone, Nord Lead, laptop) Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon) Shelley Burgon (harp, electronics) Miguel Frasconi (glass, electronics) Cornelius Dufallo (violin)
First performance of selections from “morphi studies for trombone with and without electronics” along with new graphic and strategic works for improvisers.

10 pm
Bevin Blectum Solo—Gular Flutter
Bevin Blectum (laptop, assorted electronics)
Costumed and with video, all new audio/video from the new album Gular Flutter. Audio by Blevin Blectum. Video by Ryan Junell. The live performance is a study in slo-mo sunspots, high contrast hydraulics, Cascaded Integrator-Combing, and negative acceleration. Epic sound for distressed ifrit. Peculiar winds during the eclipse allow for the rapid cooling of the organism via evaporative water loss and convection from the mucous- covered surfaces. The metal-helmeted cascade-familiar performs maintenance. Shot hot in the hills of Oakland, Ca.

2/22 Friday (TD)
8 pm
Phase Chancellor
Martin Schmidt (synth) Jay Lesser (synth) Nate Boyce (synth)
An improvisational 3 synthesizer trio: Ecumenically straddling the modular and digital divide and avoiding any straight answer to the question “to drone or not to drone?”. Phase Chancellor skip the presents in favor of intuitive long form progression through a smoky vortex of signal chains.

10 pm
Wobbly and Jay Lesser—solos and a possible duo
Wobbly (dual CDJ, samplers keyboards) Jay Lesser (electronics, laptop, synth)

2/23 Saturday (RK)
8 and 10 pm
Dr. Drew Daniels (laptop, objects) Martin Schmidt (synth, objects)
Matmos are a duo who recently relocated from San Francisco to Baltimore. Their work is all over the place: musique concrete, pop music, rhythmic patterns, free improv, video, sound, actions. For this concert they will present their “cover” of “The Backyard”, the final act of the Robert Ashley tele-opera “Perfect Lives{, and some newer pieces that focus on pure electronic music. Expect some improvisation and some guest shenanigans.

2/24 Sunday (GG)
8 pm
Matthew Welch—New and Traditional music for bagpipes
Matthew Welch (bagpipes)

10 pm
James Fei with Kato Hideki
James Fei (electronics) Kato Hideki (electronics)
Analog electronics.

2/26 Tuesday (JC)
8 pm
David Watson and Satoshi Takeishi
David Watson (bagpipes) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion, electronics)

10 pm
Lauren Radnofsky/Hass
Lauren Radnofsky (cello) Caleb Burhans (violin) Olivia DePrato (violin)
Beth Guterman (viola)
Georg Friedrich Haas (b. 1953) String Quartet no.3 "In iij. Noct." (2001)

Performed in complete darkness, the third string quartet of Haas is almost entirely improvised around a framework of specific elements, apart from a brief conclusion where Haas quotes a madrigal by Gesualdo, written for a service during Holy week, in which the church is filled with candles that gradually become extinguished one by one until the congregation is left in darkness...

2/27 Wednesday (RK)
8 pm
Ikue Mori, Jennifer Choi and Erik Friedlander
Ikue Mori (electronics) Jennifer Choi (violin) Erik Friedlander (cello)

10 pm
John King’s Crucible Quartet
Patrick Doane (violin) So Jin Kim (violin) John King (viola ) Ha Yang Kim (cello)
Crucible Quartet plays two new King quartets: “18 Lines” and “Rivers of Fire” for quartet and live electronics

2/28 Thursday (RK)
8 pm
Bobby Previte Guitar Trio
Bobby Previte (drums) Adam Levy (guitar) and a special guest on Bass

10 pm
Richard Crandell
Richard Crandell (mbira)
The elusive mbira master returns for an exotic night of music at the Stone.

2/29 Friday (MM)
8 pm
Zeena Parkins and Anthony Coleman Duo
Zeena Parkins (harp, synth, electronics) Anthony Coleman (organ)
First time ever in duo formation. Electric!

10 pm
Zeena Parkins and Christine Bard with special guests
Zeena Parkins (harp) Christine Bard (percussion) Special guests