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January 2008 at the Stone 
curated by Hal Willner

1/1 Tuesday (CW)
8 pm
Kenny Wollesen's Himalayas Marching Band
Kenny Wollesen and a host of anarchistic zanies
An experience of unbridled madness. Bring in the new year with this outrageous and impossible ensemble party!

10 pm
The Wollesens with poetry and prose by Sun Ra
Kenny Wollesen (drums) and his new unit
An evening of Wollesen music and readings from another planet channeling the galactic traveller Sun Ra.

1/2 Wednesday (RK)
8 pm
Petra Haden Solo voice experiments joined with Yuka Honda
Petra Haden (voice) Yuka Honda (electronics)

10 pm
Trevor Dunn's PROOF READERS play the music of Ornette Coleman
Darius Jones (alto sax) Nate Wooley(trumpet) Ryan Sawyer (drums) Trevor Dunn (bass)

1/3 Thursday (MF)
8 pm
Ned Rothenberg, Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvoisier
Ned Rothenberg (sax) Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)

10 pm
Mark Feldman
Mark Feldman (violin)

1/4 Friday (MM)
8 pm
Marty Ehrlich
Marty Ehrlich (sax, clarinet) Anthony Coleman (piano) Gerry Hemingway (drums)
Johnny Comes Lately to Epistrophic conclusions, as the bass-less trio moves way back forward.

10 pm
Improv Night with Mary Margaret O'Hara
Jim White (drums) Doug Wieselman (clarinet) and Guests

1/5 Saturday (SK)
8 pm
Mary Margaret O’Hara and Guests
Rusty McCarthy (guitar) Michael Sloski (drums)

10 pm
Yuka Honda with Sean Lennon and Hal Willner
Yuka Honda (keyboards) Sean Lennon (voice, bass) Hal Willner (electronics)

1/6 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Charles Gayle and Guests
Charles Gayle (sax, piano) Hill Greene (bass) Rynn Sawyer (drums)

10 pm
Eric Mingus's Clockwork Mercury
Eric Mingus (voice, bass) Catherine Sikora (saxophones) Special Guest Matt Lavelle (trumpet, bass clarinet)
Clockwork Mercury a bass and saxophone duo, utilizing improvisation, spoken word and song. www.myspace.com/clockworkmercury

1/8 Tuesday (CB)
8 pm
Terry Adams, Marshall Allen
Terry Adams (clavinet) Marshall Allen (alto saxophone)

10 pm
Terry Adams, Marshall Allen and Bobby Previte
Terry Adams (celeste) Marshall Allen (alto saxophone) Bobby Previte (drums)

1/9 Wednesday (MF)
8 pm
Sheila Jordan and Steve Kuhn duo
Sheila Jordan (voice) Steve Kuhn (piano)

10 pm
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman (piano)
Playing Jelly Roll ? I think so...

1/10 Thursday (OL)
8 and 10 pm
A Special Stone Benefit Performance
Lou Reed (guitar) Laurie Anderson (violin, electronics) John Zorn (sax)
THIS EVENING IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. Admission is by RESERVATION only—PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED FOR ENTRANCE. If you do not have a reservation please do not come to The Stone as there is NO WAITING LIST.

1/11 Friday (RK)
8 and 10 pm
Sex Mob with Mystery Guests
Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Briggan Krauss (sax) Tony Scherr (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums) and a possible surprise vocalist and saxophonist

1/12 Saturday (GG)
8 pm
Petra Haden and Laurie Anderson
Petra Haden (vocal surprises) Laurie Anderson (keyboards, electronics)

10 pm
Erik Friedlander
Erik Friedlander (cello)

1/13 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Julia Kent Solo
Julia Kent (cello)

10 pm
Lenny Pickett Solo
Lenny Pickett (sax)

1/15 Tuesday (KT)
8 pm
Terry Adams Solo Prepared Piano
Terry Adams (prepared piano)

10 pm
Terry Adams and Steven Bernstein
Terry Adams (piano, celeste) Steven Bernstein (trumpet)

1/16 Wednesday (MW)
8 pm
Terry Adams and Karen Mantler
Terry Adams (piano) Karen Mantler (voice, harmonica) Skip Heller (guitar)

10 pm
Peter Gordon and Steve Bartek¬—"No Pictures, No Actors"
Peter Gordon (reeds and keyboards) Steve Bartek (guitar, flute)
Peter Gordon (reeds and keyboards) and Steve Bartek (guitar, flute) perform "No Pictures, No Actors," a series of improvisations in which they musically exorcise the ghosts of narratives past. Gordon and Bartek first began working together while still in high school, this is their first appearance as a duo. Steve Bartek is one of LA's leading orchestrator/ arrangers and has been in the seminal bands Oingo Boingo and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Peter Gordon is the NY composer known for his work with the Love of Life Orchestra and scores for stage and media.

1/17 Thursday (CB)
8 pm
Elliott Sharp-Sharp plays Monk!
Elliott Sharp (solo acoustic guitar)
A rare NYC performance of Sharp's interpretations of compositions by Thelonious Monk.

10 pm
SyndaKit--All Guitars!
Elliott Sharp (guitar) and a large ensemble
The first NYC performance in recent years of E#'s algorithmic looping organism performed by 12 electric guitars.

1/18 Friday (HH)
8 pm
John Kruth’s Cinema Rif
Dave Dreiwitz (bass) John Hamilton (guitar) Ibrahim Gonzalez (percussion) John Kruth (ghaita, Moroccan oboe, flutes, mandolin)
A sonic stew of world/psychedelic/jazz music featuring Dave Dreiwitz (Ween), John Hamilton (Tiny Lights), Ibrahim Gonzalez and John Kruth for one wild hour of improvisation. http://www.myspace.com/johnkruthevadestruction

10 pm
Elysian Fields
Jennifer Charles (voice) Oren Bloedow (guitar, bass) and special guests
Scaled down and unhinged.

1/19 Saturday (KJ)
8 and 10 pm
Karl Berger Quintet
Karl Berger (piano, vibes) Kenny Wessel (guitar) Kermit Driscoll (bass) Tim McLafferty (drums) Ingrid Sertso (vocals)
A rare treat: Music from their latest recording. Pre-Release CDs, signed and numbered, will be available. www.KarlBerger.com

1/20 Sunday (GG)
8 and 10 pm
Misha Mengelberg
Misha Mengelberg (piano)

1/22 Tuesday (OL)
8 pm
Martha Wainwright and Doug Weiselman do Piaf
Martha Wainwright (guitar, voice) Doug Weiselman (clarinet, guitar) Thomas Bartlett (keyboards)

10 pm
Steve Cuiffo is Lenny Bruce: Selections from Carnegie Hall
Steve Cuiffo (comedy)

1/23 Wednesday (MF)
8 pm
Bonfire Madigan
Bonfire Madigan Shive (voice, cello)

10 pm
David Amram Quartet
Kevin Twigg(drums, glockenspiel, percussion)
John deWitt (bass)
Adam Amram (congas, percussion)
David Amram (piano, french horn, pennywhistles, lakota courting flute, shanai. dumbek,
latin percussion, improvised scat vocals)
Renowned classical composer, muti-instrumentalist and pioneer of world music David Amram has composed more than 100 orchestral and chamber music works, including the film scores for Splendor in The Grass, The Manchurian Candidate, and the landmark 1959 documentary Pull My Daisy narrated by novelist Jack Kerouac. Amram and his quartet will be playing music from some these films, classics of Jazz,world music and his own compositions, in an evening called "From Cairo to Kerouac."

1/24 Thursday (OL)
8 pm
Marc Ribot
Marc Ribot (guitar)

10 pm
Marc Ribot and Laurie Anderson
Marc Ribot (guitar) Laurie Anderson (vocals, violin, keyboards)

1/25 Friday (DB)
8 pm
Mikel Rouse
Mikel Rouse and his band
Mikel Rouse and his band perform songs from his latest project GRAVITY RADIO. This will be the first public hearing of his new work in progress.

10 pm
Mikel Rouse
Mikel Rouse and his band
Mikel Rouse and his band perform songs from the recent recordings INTERNATIONAL CLOUD ATLAS, HOUSE OF FANS and LOVE AT TWENTY

1/26 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Charles Burnham
Charles Burnham (violin)

10 pm
Flutterbox Plays Songs of Robin Holcomb
Neill C. Furio (electric bass) Janine Nichols (voice) Special Guests Charlie Burnham (violin) Doug Wieselman (clarinets)

1/27 Sunday (SK)
8 pm
Roswell Rudd and Terry Adams Duo
Roswell Rudd (trombone) Terry Adams (piano)

10 pm
Roswell Rudd and Terry Adams Trio
Terry Adams (piano) Roswell Rudd (trombone) Tom Ardolino (drums)

1/29 Tuesday (RK)
8 pm
Trio S
Jane Scarpantoni (cello) Doug Weiselman (clarinet, guitar) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10 pm
The PJ's
Perry Robinson (clarinet) Jay Rozen (tuba) Jay Rosen (drums)

1/30 Wednesday (JC)
8 pm
Roy Nathanson
Roy Nathanson (sax)

10 pm
Art Baron and Kenny Wollesen
Art Baron (trombone) Kenny Wollesen (percussion)
Multi Instrumentalist Art Baron, and Percussionist Extraordinaire Kenny Wollesen, just back from the Himalayas, armed with local jaw bone drums, etc., will call to the Heavens and play their response in the form of breathtaking, glorious aural vibrations. Please come down and be part of this 'Happening'... surprise guests as well!

1/31 Thursday (OL)
8 pm
Joan Wasser and special guests
Joan Wasser (voice, piano, guitar, violin)
Joan Wasser's solo project is JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN but she will not be performing from this body of work tonight. She'll be returning to playing music that has never been poured over while hunched at the piano or guitar. Otherwise, she'll be improvising with some friends. Please come down and laugh with her as she tries to keep a straight face.

10 pm
Briggan Krauss Band
Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone) Wayne Horvitz (keyboards, piano) Skuli Sverrisson (bass) Jim Black (drums)