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October 2008 at the Stone 
curated by Ela Troyano / Wu Fei

10/1 Wednesday (TCDS)
8 pm
Richard Maxwell and the New York City Players
Richard Maxwell (piano, vocals), Jim Fletcher (harmonica, vocals) Emily Sundblad (vocals) Brian Mendes (acoustic guitar, bass, vocals) Tom King (trumpet, vocals) Bob Feldman (saxophone, vocals)
The New York City Players present new video work from Richard Maxwell and Michael Schmelling. With Kate Ryan and Rafael Sanchez.

10 pm
An Evening with THE JACK LORDS
Micah Valdes (vocals) Sarah Kricheff (vocals) Alex Sarmiento (vocals, ukulele) Bernard San Juan (guitar) Joel Bernardo (bass) Adam Charity (lap steel and mandolin) Riley Sumala (percussion) and special brass guests.
Taking musical stylings from Belle & Sebastian, The Mamas & the Papas and New Order and adding in some subtle sweet twangs ala Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and The Mana`o Company, The Jack Lords (TJL) sprang forth. TJL brings together traditional Hawaiian instrumentation, polyharmonious vocals, and new wave/indie rock-inspired compositions to create their unique sound—Polynesian power pop.

10/2 Thursday (BSNJ)
8 pm
Nowhere You! Everywhere The Electric!
Nate Wooley (trumpet) Sergei Tcherepnin (analog synth) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Tucker Andrews (oscillators, erhu) Grey Gersten (guitar)
Experimental Video program curated by Grey Gersten that explores voyeurism, telepathy, and identity in a virtual context. NowhereYou! Everywhere The Electric! examines how technology has evolved to provide a new generation with a means of engaging in the ancient ritual of possession (the experience of being taken over, controlled or occupied by another spirit or force). Featuring recent work from Peggy Ahwesh, Michael Robinson, Lola Sinreich, Phil Solomon, Caspar Strake, and others TBA. Videos will be projected with Live and improvised musical accompaniment!

10 pm
Scorpio Rising
Olivia De Prato (violin) Jessica Pavone (viola) Christopher Hoffman (cello) Tom Blancarte (bass) Jeremiah Cymerman (sine waves, no-input mixer, tape machines, effects)
New string music by Jeremiah Cymerman that combines the creative control that a conductor exercises over an ensemble with the sonic wizardry of dub-inspired live electronic processing.

10/3 Friday (TCBS)
8 pm
Music for Planning
Andrew Demirjian (audiovisuals) Whit Dickey (drums) Roy Campbell Jr. (saxophone, clarinet, flute) Lewis Porter (piano) Zachary Seldess (audio and video processing)
Improvised audiovisual experiments.

10 pm
Harmonize Most High
Daniel Carter (tenor/alto saxophones, trumpet, flute, clarinet & piano) Andrew Demirjian (audiovisuals) Jon Francis (bowed dulcimer, viola & percussion) Dylan Ryan (drums) Robert Ryan (saz, setar, bouzouki, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, tamboura & percussion) Michael Lucio Sternbach (alto saxophone, bouzouki, electric guitar & percussion)
Free formless music & sound collective blasting forward—featuring Daniel Carter.

10/4 Saturday (DSNJ)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn Improv Night—A Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) Anthony Coleman (piano) Kevin Norton (vibes) Kenny Wollesen (drums) Ned Rothenberg (sax) Annie Gosfield (keyboards) Roger Kleier (guitar) and many special guests
A Stone tradition since 2005, these are the concerts that pay the rent and keep the space going so we can continue to bring you the very best in experimental and avant garde music. Come out and support freedom of expression at The Stone! TWENTY DOLLARS

10/5 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Tracie Morris
Tracie Morris (poetry, vocals) with Marwin Sewell (guitars, electronics) and Val Jeanty (electronic drums)
Tracie and her band will present poetic vocal music in an experimental soundscape.

10 pm
Tory Vazquez & Kalup Linzy
Tory Vazquez & Kalup Linzy (video)
"I Like Wrestling" is a video work in progress by Tory Vazquez based on the performance "Wrestling Ladies" performed at Performance Space 122 in 2003. "I Like Wrestling" is an after school special gone wrong. An eleven-year-old girl navigates growing up within her mother's dramatic amateur Lucha Libre wrestling ring. Kalup Linzy's carefully scripted video vignettes offer satirical and subversive takes on pop culture, gender, race, class and art world politics. This young and often controversial New York artist explores human interaction and emotion, offering public insight into the private and the quotidian. The work presented here will be "Melody Set Me Free" (2007), a video in which a group of campy contestants compete in an American Idol type contest. Vying to win a recording contract, they must take a Whitney Houston song and make it their own. Linzy will also give away copies of his new album, "SweetBerry Sonnet" as well as perform live.

10/7 Tuesday (JAW)
8 pm
Swamp Cabbage
Julie Lara Kahn (videos)
Julie Lara Kahn’s video extravaganzas, including "Swamp Cabbage", excerpted from a multimedia exhibition named for the classic staple of Florida Cracker Culture.

10 pm
Golden State Freeway
Braden King (super-8 film, video, tapes, electronics) Shahzad Ismaily (guitar, drums, banjo and synthesizer) Special visual and musical guests
Film and Video by Braden King. Music by Shahzad Ismaily plus special (visual and musical) guests. A one-off audio-visual improvisation between filmmaker Braden King and musician Shahzad Ismaily. Long, slow shots of the land passing…

10/8 Wednesday (TCDS)
8 pm
Tessa Hughes-Freeland & Ela Troyano
Tessa Hughes-Freeland & Ela Troyano (projections)
An expanded cinema performance by Tessa Hughes-Freeland and Ela Troyano with their signature use of filters, prisms and handmade slides, featuring musical from The Radiolarian Ooze by Manorexia (aka J.G. Thirwell) and John Zorn’s Spillane.

10 pm
Coco Frio & Tara Mateik
Coco Frio, Tara Mateik (video) Mark Dzula (bass) Eric Farber (drums) Kyle Forester (keyboard) Isobel Knowles (trumpet), Michael O’Neill (guitar)
New video works by Jose Munoz, Ana Margaret Sanchez and Rebecca Sumner Burgos aka Coco Frio.

Tara Mateik will be performing love songs by the Tin Man.

10/9 Thursday (BSNJ)
8 pm
T. Griffin solo
T. Griffin (guitar, vocals, electronics)
T. Griffin steps out from his duo The Quavers to reconfigure his haunted narrative songs and hand-stitched electronic soundscapes for solo acoustic guitar and highwire live looping. With special guests.

10 pm
Music To Cry By
Carmelita Tropicana & Joseph Keckler
A musical exploration in performance by Carmelita Tropicana, the saga of “Ole” first presented at Joe’s Pub and at Redcat continues. Joseph Keckler performs a mix of monologues and songs.

10/10 Friday (JAW)
8 pm
Dorian Wood
Dorian Wood (piano,vocal) and members of Killsonic
Experimental torch songs of fiery lakes, cold winds and modern-day plagues come alive via the spiraling wail/battle cry of Los Angeles-based singer/composer Dorian Wood. Mr. Wood will be accompanied by members of Killsonic.

10 pm
Michael Ibarra (baritone saxophone) Joseph Tepperman (bass trombone) Sam Robles (alto saxophone) Angel Hernandez (alto saxophone) Charles DeCastro (trumpet, magic) Princess Frank (percussion) Dominique Rodriguez (percussion) Eddika Organista (percussion, vocals) Arianna DeSano (accordion) Dorian Wood (accordion, vocals)
Killsonic is a musicians' collective hailing from the greater Los Angeles area. Clad in the traditional Killsonic colors of black and red, this army of 10 will perform a set of menacing compositions incorporating free jazz, noise punk and gospel hymns.

10/11 Saturday (DSNJ)
8 pm
La Lupe Queen of Latin Soul
Ela Troyano (film)
Ela Troyano screens her documentary on the legendary Afro-Cuban pop singer. Featuring rare archival footage of the latin music scene in La Habana in the 50’s and NYC in 60’s and 70’s.

10 pm
Uzi Parnes & Ela Troyano
Uzi Parnes, Ela Troyano (performance, film, slides)
Uzi Parnes and Ela Troyano perform "Bubble Now", an expanded cinema performance using footage and slide imagery from the early 80's with Jack Smith, Phoebe Legere, Carmelita Tropicana, a host of downtown luminaries and music by Polly Bradfield.

10/12 Sunday (SK)
8 and 10 pm
Mary Jordan
Mary Jordan (visuals, etc.)
Mary Jordan screens selects from the archives of her acclaimed documentary Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis, with live performance, a troupe of girls in expressive naked bliss.

10/14 Tuesday (JAW)
8 and 10 pm
Brent Green's Animated Films with live soundtracks
Brent Green (guitar, noise, vocals) Brendan Canty (drums) Rodney McLaughlin (live foley)
We'll be screening all of Brent Green's hand-made animated films with live narrations and improvised soundtracks by Brendan Canty (of Fugazi), Brent Green and Rodney McLaughlin. Five dollars.

10/15 Wednesday (TCDS)
8 pm
Dynasty Handbag Nao Bustamante
Dynasty Handbag Nao Bustamante (performance, visuals)
Together at last, but still solo: Dynasty Handbag Nao Bustamante is the one woman music/comedy/video/performance/meltdown/portable electro-ballad vehicle of Jibz Cameron. On stage Cameron performs with a backing track containing original dialogue, music and video of her deranged yet sensitive exploration of personal psychic waste. The arts and entertainment machine, Nao Bustamante, will create an environ relating to her latest project, Earth People 2507, which speaks to the future via a video archive.

10 pm
Waiting for Bruce LaBruce
Fung Chern Hwei (violin) Brian Lindgren (viola) Joshua Rubin (clarinet, bass clarinet) Jason Wingate (cello)
Anticipating the October 27 New York premiere of Bruce LaBruce's latest film "Otto; or, Up With Dead People" at MoMA, here's a concert of Mikael Karlsson's pieces for the soundtrack to the film. Nasty Fucker (clarinet version), Nilon, Comet Home and more! Prickly, sticky, awkward pieces for a melancholic zombie boy.

10/16 Thursday (CB)
8 pm
Berangere Maximin
Berangere Maximin (electronics)
The fabulous electro-acoustic master from France makes her first appearance in the States with her newest work. Don't miss it!

10 pm
Machiko Ozawa's JUSTADUO plus
Machiko Ozawa (violin, tapdance) Justin Hines (percussion) Sean Katsuyama (cello) Makia Matsumura (piano)
A japanese versatile violinist and tapdancer, Machiko Ozawa will perform her original compositions influenced by wide range of music such as classical, latin, asia, middle eastern, tango and avant garde. Keep eye on her feet for a mean tap dance.

10/17 Friday (BS)
8 pm
Wu Fei
Wu Fei (guzheng, voice)
Solo improvisations and Chinese classic pop from the 70s and 80s.

10 pm
Nate Wooley and Joe Morris
Nate Wooley (trumpet) Joe Morris (guitar)
Wooley and Morris meet up as a duo after years of performing together in Daniel Levin's quartet. The subsequent improvisation runs in parallel, joining in quietly frenetic bursts and riveting lyricism.

10/18 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Amy J. Yang
Amy J. Yang (piano solo)
Pianist Amy Jiaqi Yang presents a diverse evening of music including Robert Schumann's epic Kreisleriana, a work by NY's own Philip Lasser, and a suite by her father, Hua Yang, whose music reigns with the riveting voices of Chinese folk music sounded through the parlances of Western compositional styles. www.amyjyang.com

10 pm
Josh Roseman and Water Surgeons
Josh Roseman (trombone, bass) Jacob Garchik (trombone, accordion) Curtis Hasselbring (trombone, guitar) Barney McAll (keyboards, electronics)

10/19 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Wayne Horvitz and Sweeter Than the Day
Wayne Horvitz (piano) Timothy Young (guitar) Tim Luntzel (bass) Dan Reiser (drums)
Songs from “American Bandstand, Sweeter Than the Day” and their newest CD "A Walk in the Dark".

10 pm
Jon Madof (guitar) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass) Mathias Kunzli (drums)
Rashanim returns to The Stone to perform music from their three Tzadik releases as well as material from a new project based on the biblical prophets. www.rashanim.com

10/21 Tuesday (JAW)
8 pm
duYun and friends
Brad Henkel (trumpets) Peter Hanson (saxophones) Cody Brown (drums) duYun (voice, keys, etc.)

10 pm
Ty Citerman (guitar) Adam Gold (drums) Eric Rockwin (bass) Ken Thomson (saxophone)

10/22 Wednesday (JC)
8 pm
Toby Driver
Toby Driver (electric guitar, bass) Matt Welch (sax) Peter Evans (trumpet) David Bodie (percussion)

10 pm
Red Commie Storm
Wu Fei (guzheng) Trevor Dunn (bass) Brandon Seabrook (banjo, guitar)

10/23 Thursday (BSNJ)
8 pm
James Ilgenfritz, Dave Ballou and Denman Maroney
James Ilgenfritz [double bass] Dave Ballou [trumpet] Denman Maroney [piano]

10 pm
Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone
Mary Halvorson (guitar, vocals) Jessica Pavone (viola, vocals)

10/24 Friday (GG)
8 pm
Wu Fei and Billy Martin
Wu Fei (guzheng) Billy Martin (percussion)

10 pm
DJ Olive
DJ Olive (turntables)

10/25 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Piano Forte
Stevan Tickmayer (piano, prepared piano, laptop, melodica)
After a long absence in a role of solo pianist, recently I started to rebuild my piano repertoire mainly adding brand new compositions. Following a long experimentation and work with computers as well as composing for other musicians, I started to miss more and more the direct and unaltered contact with live music through the touch of real instrument. The center of my interest is just the same as it was more than ten years ago when I stopped playing solo concerts— the most possible natural balance between composed and improvised material.

10 pm
Wu Fei & Stevan Tickmayer, Toby Driver & friends
Wu Fei (guzheng, voice) Toby Driver (guitar) Stevan Tickmayer (piano, prepared piano, laptop, melodica)

10/26 Sunday (GG)
8 pm
Los Reyes del Sabado
David Longstreth (vocals) and friends

10 pm
Julianne Carney, Wu Fei, James Ilgenfritz, Lukas Ligeti
Julianne Carney (violin) Wu Fei (guzheng) James Ilgenfritz (bass) Lukas Ligeti (drums)

10/28 Tuesday (JAW)
8 pm
Jane Rigler Plus Eric Lyon, Kyoko Kitamura, David Watson
Jane Rigler (flutes, electronics) Eric Lyon, Kyoko Kitamura, David Watson
New, fun compositions with several special guests: the composer Eric Lyon, visiting from Belfast, the vocalist/electronic artist Kyoko Kitamura, and the bagpiper David Watson.

10 pm
Wu Fei and Erik Friedlander
Wu Fei (guzheng) Erik Friedlander (cello)

10/29 Wednesday (TCDS)
8 pm
Missy Mazzoli (keyboards, compositions) Olivia De Prato (violin) Lorna Krier (keyboards) Eileen Mack (clarinet) Eleonore Oppenheim (double bass)
Brooklyn-based composer/pianist Missy Mazzoli brings her bandsemble Victrola to the Stone for an evening of her own compositions. This new group combines oceanic indie austerity, slippery harmonies and quirky minimalist grooves, all played by some of New York's best young musicians.

10 pm
Robert Sudduth Trio
Rob Sudduth (saxophone) Trevor Dunn (bass) and a special guest drummer
New compositions for tenor saxophone, bass and drums

10/30 Thursday (MP)
8 pm
Eyal Maoz Crazy Slavic Band
Eyal Maoz (guitar, compositions) Ron Caswell (tuba) Chris Stromquist (drums)

10 pm
Good for Cows
Sevin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums, electronics)
The Bay Area/NYC duo debut a new electric sound to further explore their modular composition and aural cue system of improvisations.

10/31 Friday (TCBS)
8 and 10 pm
Annual Halloween Improv Night—A Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) Wu Fei (guzheng) Eyal Maoz (guitar) Ches Smith (drums) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Miguel Frasconi (glass) Zeena Parkins (harp) Jim Pugliese (percussion) Robert Sudduth (sax) James Ilgenfritz (contrabass)
Come out on this special night and support the Stone! Twenty Dollars.