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November 2009 at the Stone 
curated by John Medeski / Travis Just

11/1 Sunday (RB)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn (sax) Okkyung Lee (cello) Maria Chavez (turntables) Bonnie Jones (electronics) Harris Eisenstadt (drums, percussion) Kara Feely (voice, computer, objects, actions) Travis Just (winds, computer, objects) and many special guests

Live at The Stone—November 3 thru 8
The brilliant keyboardist of Medeski Martin and Wood graces The Stone for six nights of music. Solo piano, duets and trios with friends and special band collaborations from this master musician.

11/3 Tuesday (JCAV)
8 and 10 pm
John Medeski & John Zorn Duo
John Medeski (piano) John Zorn (sax)

11/4 Wednesday (DS)
8 and 10 pm
John Medeski Solo
John Medeski (piano)

11/5 Thursday (JC)
8 and 10 pm
John Medeski Solo
John Medeski (piano)

11/6 Friday (NYYT)
8 and 10 pm
John Medeski (keyboards) Marc Ribot (guitar) Calvin Weston, Billy Martin (drums)

11/7 Saturday (RK)
8 and 10 pm
“Concert of the Secret Guardians”
Tisziji Munoz (guitar) John "lam sobo" Medeski (keyboards) Ra-Kalam Bob Moses (drums) John Lockwood, Don Pate (bass)

11/8 Sunday (RB)
8 and 10 pm
Red Cred
Ben Perowsky (drums) Chris Speed (sax) John Medeski (keyboards)

11/10 Tuesday (TD)
8 pm
Mystery Riddim
Billy Martin, Shahzad Ismailey, Kato Hideki (electronics, guitars) Jed Koziner, Steve Honoshowsky and Ronald Stockwell (acoustic percussion)
The Mystery Riddim set will consist of new compositions by Billy Martin for this unique ensemble interspersed with solo drum interludes.

10 pm
Cyro Baptista & Banquet of the Spirits
Cyro Baptista (percussion) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass, oud) Brian Marsala (keyboards) Tim Keiper (drums, percussion)

11/11 Wednesday (DS)
8 pm
Jamie Saft Solo
Jamie Saft (piano)

10 pm
Jamie Saft & Bill McHenry Duo
Jamie Saft (piano) Bill McHenry (sax)

11/12 Thursday (MP)
8 pm
Achim Kaufmann Solo
Achim Kaufman (piano)

10 pm
Achim Kaufman Trio
Achim Kaufman (piano) Thomas Heberer (quarter tone trumpet) and a special guest

11/13 Friday (AV)
8 and 10 pm
Charles Gayle
Charles Gayle (sax, piano, etc.) and special guests

11/14 Saturday (KR)
8 pm
John Butcher Solo
John Butcher (sax)
The astounding British saxophonist in solo!

10 pm
John Zorn (sax) John Butcher (sax) Okkyung Lee (cello) Ikue Mori (electronics) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Cyro Baptista (percussion) Travis Just (sax) Jim Staley (trombone) and many special guests
Come out and support The Stone an East Village rent party—an East Village tradition! TWENTY DOLLARS

11/15 Sunday (RB)
8 pm
Jonathan Marmor
Katie Porter (clarinet) Quentin Tolimieri, Kevin Farrell (synthesizer) Phil Rodriguez
(trumpet, synthesizer) Nathan Herrera (alto saxophone, glute, clarinet) Ryan Maxwell (electric guitar)
All new music from impossible-to-understand composer Jonathan Marmor, featuring the incomparable Katie Porter on clarinet and the impracticable Quentin Tolimieri on synthesizer. Accompanied by a lush ensemble of synthesizers, horns, and a guitar, played by some profoundly sensitive musicians.

10 pm
Craig Shepard
Craig Shepard (trombone, composition) Aaron Meicht (trumpet) Katie Porter (clarinet) Dan Joseph (guitar) Devin Maxwell (percussion) Harvey Weissman (reading)
In the sound project On Foot, Edition Wandelweiser composer Craig Shepard walked 250 miles across Switzerland in 31 days. Every day, he composed a new piece, wrote it down, and performed it in a public space at 6:00 pm. The pieces provided a frame by which listeners could experience the every day sounds of the site. By performing with an open door, Shepard invites listeners to enjoy the sounds of Avenue C.

11/17 Tuesday (AV)
8 pm
James Moore
James Moore (guitar, banjo)
A program of new compositions and improvisiations for electric and steel-string resonator guitars, banjo, and low-fi electronics, including but perhaps not limited to music by Lisa Coons, Travis Just, James Moore, Molly Thompson, and Matthew Welch.

10 pm
Travis Just and Object Collection
Travis Just (compostion, electronics, woodwinds, objects) Kara Feely (voice, recordings, objects) James Moore (guitar) Devin Maxwell (percussion, inside piano) Aaron Meicht (trumpets, electronics)
Music by composer Travis Just performed by the experimental ensemble Object Collection. Five dollars.

11/18 Wednesday (NYYT)
8 pm
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez (turntables) Zeena Parkins (harp)
Solos and duos.

10 pm
Brian Harnetty: Silent City/American Winter
Brian Harnetty (keyboards, turntables, electronics)
Compositions made in collaboration with Bonnie Prince Billy, and with recordings from the Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives, Kentucky.

11/19 Thursday (JM)
8 pm to 11:15 pm
The Wulf
Mike Winter (electronics) Erik km Clark (violin)
the wulf., a Los Angeles based organization dedicated to experimental music presents works by Eric km Clark, Joseph Kudirka, Larry Polansky, Mark So,

Harris Wulfson, Michael Winter and perhaps others. Zero dollars.

11/20 Friday (KR)
8 pm
Harris Eisenstadt
Ellery Eskelin (tenor saxophone) Angelica Sanchez (piano) Harris Eisenstadt (drums)
First meeting for this tenor-piano-drums trio.

10 pm
Kevin Farrell
Kevin Farrell (bass) Devin Maxwell (vibes) Aaron McClendon (drums) Beth Schenk (sax) Phil Rodriguez (trumpet)

11/21 Saturday (AV)
8 pm
Taylor Levine, David Linaburg, Josh Lopes, James Moore (guitars)
Dither, an electric guitar quartet, will perform an eclectic set of beautiful and ugly compositions and improvisations.

10 pm
Jason Mears
Jason Mears (alto saxophone) Jonathan Goldberger (electric guitar) Kevin Farrell (electric bass) Harris Eisenstadt (drumset)
Playing compositions by Jason Mears.

11/22 Sunday (RB)
8 pm
Devin Maxwell: An All American Evening of Duos
Devin Maxwell (compositions) Ryan Maxwell (guitar) Katie Porter (clarinets) Rollin Hunt (film)
Ragtime music, stock market drama, patriotism, religion, and honest to goodness americana all portrayed through experimental chamber music with and without electronics. You'll leave wanting apple pie something fierce.

10 pm
Quentin Tolimieri
Quentin Tolimieri (piano, electronics)
Works by Tolimieri and Cage.

11/24 Tuesday (AV)
8 pm

10 pm
AB Duo + Paula Matthusen + Jeremy Woodruff
Brendan Dougherty (drums, percussion, electronics) Aaron Meicht (trumpets, electronics) Paula Matthusen (laptop) Jeremy Woodruff (flutes)
AB Duo (Brendan Dougherty and Aaron Meicht) is joined by composer/performers Paula Matthusen and Jeremy Woodruff in improvisations and the premier of Jeremy's piece 'Becoming Music 3 - The Package Store'.

11/25 Wednesday (CB)
8 pm
Francesco Gagliardi
Francesco Gagliardi (performance)

10 pm
Bryan Eubanks
Andrew Lafkas (bass, electronics), Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone), Todd Capp (drums) Bryan Eubanks (electronics, soprano saxophone)


11/27 Friday (JM)
8 pm
Ne(x)tworks Composers Series
Ne(x)tworks performs music by ensemble members Miguel Frasconi, Cornelius Dufallo, Joan La Barbara, and Shelley Burgon. Also on the program is Home Burial (1949), a rarely performed early work by Earle Brown.

10 pm
Ric Royer & G Lucas Crane
Ric Royer, G Lucas Crane (electronics, voice, performance)

11/28 Saturday (CB)
8 pm
Aki Onda and MV Carbon
Aki Onda (cassettes, electronics) MV Carbon (cello, keyboards, tape recorder)
Five dollars. Analog fetishists and sonic spectacle-makers MV Carbon and Aki Onda combine forces, cassettes, cellos, synths, magnets, wires and echoes in unique experimental electronic collaboration.

10 pm
Bonnie Jones/Samita Sinha
Bonnie Jones/Samita Sinha: Bonnie Jones (electronics, mics) Samita Sinha (voice)
Exploring a new collaboration and creative space Jones and Sinha will present a new work combining text, voice and electronic sound.

11/29 Sunday (AV)
8 pm
Cornelius Dufallo presents Journaling, Part One
Cornelius Dufallo (violin, electronics)
Journaling is a series of performances in which violinist Cornelius Dufallo documents his own work with extraordinary living composers while tracking various paths in twenty-first century music. Part one features new and recent music for violin by Anna Clyne, Corey Dargel, Alexandra Gardner, Annie Gosfield, and Huang Ruo. Dufallo also revisits his own work, "Suite for Electric Violin".

10 pm
Alex Waterman
Alex Waterman (cello, electronics) Matthew Steckler (saxophone) Andrew Drury (drums)