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March 2010 at the Stone 
curated by Stephen Drury / Larry Ochs

7PM to 830PM—TWENTY DOLLARS: Open to all.
A demonstration/ lecture followed by a Q&A period by one of the foremost improvising violinists in contemporary music. String players may bring their instruments, but all are welcome.


3/2 Tuesday (YT)
8 pm
SSSS (super seaweed sex scandal)
Borey Shin (piano) Nonoko Yoshida (alto sax) John Stanesco (tenor sax) Paul Wheeler (guitar) Joe Merolla (bass, cello) Justin Veloso (drums)

10 pm
Zuzanna Szewczyk (piano) with guest performers
World premieres by Hannah Lash and John Liberatore; New music from the past 2 years by Robert Morris, Adam Roberts, Jon Forshee, Robert Pierzak, Steven Rice, and Andrew Allen

3/3 Wednesday (NY)
8 pm
Alex Bernstein and Matt Beckmann
Alex Bernstein (piano) Matt Beckmann (cello)
Beckmann plays Nicholas Vines "A Queen's Paranoia", John Zorn’s "Untitled" for solo cello—Bernstein plays Adam Robert's “Lacuna”, music by Christopher Lim, and improvisations.

10 pm
Zach Herchen and Guests
Zach Herchen (saxophones) Bonnie Lander (voice) Sean-David Cunningham (violin) Eran Sykes (viola) Isaiah Gage (cello) Stefan Petrov (piano) David Witmer (piano)
New music for saxophone - chamber music, electronics, and poetry (the world premiere of works by David Witmer and Paul Leary alongside compositions by Kevin Clark, Ying-Chen Kao, and John Crouch)

3/4 Thursday (NY)
8 pm
Steve Drury (director) Benjamin Sorrell, Adam Pelandini, Sean Mix, Brandon Valerino (saxophones) Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Alexander Chaleff (violins) Stephen Upshaw (viola) Michael Unterman (cello) Wei Wang (trombone)
The attack wing of New England Conservatory’s new music program. New works by Lei Liang, Joan Arnau Pàmies, and John Zorn

10 pm
The Callithumpian Consort
Stephen Drury (director)Jessi Rosinski (flute) Sarah Darling (viola) Benjamin Schwartz (cello) Jeffrey Means (percussion) John Mallia, Katarina Miljkovic (electronics)
New music by Adam Roberts, Ann Cleare, Trevor Baca, Hillary Zipper and others.

3/5 Friday (JM)
8 pm
Stephen Drury plays John Zorn
Stephen Drury (piano)
Stephen Drury plays the piano works of John Zorn and some golden oldies.

10 pm
Katie Reimer and guests
Ethan Wood (violin) Adam Meyer (viola) Michael Katz (cello) Alan Durst (saxophone) Katie Reimer (piano)
Robert Karpay, Quintet for Piano and Strings "S.O.S." Ludwig Van Beethoven, Violin Sonata, Op. 47, "Kreutzer" Mohammed Fairouz, Three Novelettes

3/6 Saturday (DS)
8 pm
William Anderson
William Anderson (guitar) and others
William Anderson, John Chang, Jason Sagebiel, Adam Negrin, Taro Morino and others play written and improvised music for solo guitar, theorbo, guitar ensemble, and deconstructed viola.

10 pm
Dikembe's Mutombo
Will Graefe (electric guitar) Elan Asch (saxophone) Moses Eder (Drums)

3/7 Sunday (CB)
8 pm
Mike Bullock and Vic Rawlings
Mike Bullock (amplified contrabass) Vic Rawlings (amplified ‘cello, electronics)

10 pm
Sean Meehan
Sean Meehan (percussion)

NED ROTHENBERG—The "Music" in Extended Techniques
7PM to 9PM—TWENTY DOLLARS: Geared for composers and instrumentalists but open to all.
Ned will discuss how to take extended techniques beyond demonstration into fertile musical pastures. Musicians are welcome to bring instruments? For more info: www.nedrothenberg.com


3/9 Tuesday (NY)
8 pm
Keith Kirchoff
Keith Kirchoff (piano, electronics)
New works for piano and computer by Roberto Morales, Christopher Jette, Dan VanHassel, Christopher Trebue Moore and Keith Kirchoff

10 pm
Christopher Bush
Christopher Bush (clarinet) Carol Minor (piano) Guy Barash (electronics) Izzi Ramkissoon (electronics)
New works by Curtis Hughes, Yumi Hara Cawkwell, Guy Barash, Izzi Ramkissoon, and Nathan Scalzone.

3/10 Wednesday (NY)
8 pm
The Borromeo Quartet
Nicholas Kitchen, Kristopher Tong (violins) Mai Motobuchi (viola) Yaesun Kim (cello)
String quartets by Gunther Schuller and Mohammed Fairouz.

10 pm
Annemarie Guzy
Annemarie Guzy (prepared piano)

3/11 Thursday (DS)
8 pm
Survivors Breakfast
Anthony Coleman (piano, director) Jason Belcher (baritone horn) Andrew Hock (guitar) Michalis Katachanas (viola) Amir Milstein (flute) Peter Negroponte (drums) Kathryn Schulmeister (bass) Ryan Stickney (voice) Nigel Taylor (trumpet) Ezra Weller (trumpet) James Wylie (alto sax)

10 pm
Andrew Hock (guitar) James Wylie (alto sax) Peter Negroponte (drums)

3/12 Friday (JS)
8 pm
Here’s to the Ladies Who…
Jeanne Golan (piano) Matt Freedman (visuals)
Solo piano pieces written about, by and for women. Includes premieres composed for the pianist.

10 pm
Aiyun Huang and Mark Fewer
Aiyun Huang (percussion) Mark Fewer (violin)

3/13 Saturday (CB)
8 pm
Brendan Murray and Jay Sullivan
Brendan Murray (electronics) Jay Sullivan (turntable/electronics)

10 pm
Derek Beckvold and Kent O'Doherty Duo
Derek Beckvold (saxophones) Kent O'Doherty (saxophones)

3/14 Sunday (JS)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn (sax) Greg Cohen (bass) Dave Douglas (trumpet) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Ikue Mori (elecronics) Tatjana Mesar (flute) Ned Rothenberg (sax) and many special guests

ERIK FRIEDLANDER—Modern American Musicianship
7PM to 9PM—TWENTY DOLLARS: Open to all.
Bring your questions about composing or performing to the free-wheeling two hour class given by Downtown improviser and composer Erik Friedlander. Erik will address your questions and will speak about being a working musician/composer in 21st century as well as about pizzicato techniques, improvising strategies, and getting the most out of practice time. Players and non-players are invited to attend and cello players are invited to bring their instruments. If you would have a particular technical issue or question and would like to perform just let Erik know by dropping him an email at stoneworkshop@erikfriedlander.com.


MARCH 16-31
Curated by Larry Ochs
San Francisco resident Larry Ochs presents bands originating In California and/or bands led by California veterans of the improv scene, as well as a series featuring poets and singers hooked up with improvisers in special projects.

3/16 Tuesday (KR)
8 pm
Lisle Ellis’ Stomping Ground
Lisle Ellis (bass) Patrick Brennan, Bob Feldman, Darius Jones (saxes) Michael McGinnis (clarinet) Brian Groder, Kirk Knuffke (trumpets) Mara Rosenbloom (piano) Bern Nix (guitar)
The plains peoples would stomp the ground with their feet and beat it with great sticks for days on end, playing the biggest and lowest pitched drum possible: the earth itself.

10 pm
Aurora Josephson—Numbers
Aurora Josephson (voice) Lisa Mezzacappa, Damon Smith (basses) Weasel Walter (drums, percussion)
...performing Ayler, Mingus, Sun Ra and Feldman (so far)...and improvising...

3/17 Wednesday (NY)
8 pm
Erica Hunt and Marty Ehrlich with guest artist Julie Patton
Erica Hunt (poetry) Marty Ehrlich (sax) Julie Patton (reading)

10 pm
Good for Cows: Devin Hoff and Ches Smith Duo
Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

3/18 Thursday (NY)
8 pm
Dohee Lee/Theresa Wong Duo
Dohee Lee (voice) Theresa Wong (cello, voice)

10 pm
Aram Shelton (alto sax, clarinet) Darren Johnston (trumpet) Lisa Mezzacappa (acoustic bass) Kjell Nordeson (drums)

3/19 Friday (JS)
8 pm
QWOC: Devin Hoff, Ava Mendoza, Weasel Walter
Devin Hoff (bass) Ava Mendoza, Weasel Walter

10 pm
Nels Cline (guitar) Yuka Honda (keyboards)

3/20 Saturday (JC)
8 pm
Rova Sax Quartet with special guest John Zorn
Larry Ochs, Bruce Ackley, Jon Raskin, Steve Adams, John Zorn (saxes)

10 pm
Rova Sax Quartet
Larry Ochs, Bruce Ackley, Jon Raskin, Steve Adams (saxes)
Premiering all new quartet pieces!

3/21 Sunday (NY)
8 pm
Carla Harryman with Jon Raskin Quartet and Vocalists
Carla Harryman (poetry) Jon Raskin (saxophones) Ches Smith (drums) Liz Allbee (trumpet, electronics) John Shiurba (guitar) Aurora Josephson, Bonnie Jones, Carla Harryman (voices)

10 pm
Larry Ochs (sax, compositions) Scott Amendola (drums, electronics) Dohee Lee (voice) Devin Hoff (bass)

JAMIE SAFT—Making Records
7PM to 9PM—TWENTY DOLLARS: Open to all.
The versatile keyboardist, guitarist, studio owner, engineer shares many secrets in this essential seminar on making records in the 21st century.


3/23 Tuesday (YT)
8 pm
Steve Adams Trio
Steve Adams (saxes) Scott Amandola (percussion) Ken Filiano (bass)

10 pm
Scott Amendola/Charlie Hunter Duo
Scott Amendola (drums) Charlie Hunter (guitars)

3/24 Wednesday (KR)
8 pm
Vinny Golia Ensemble
Vinny Golia (compositions, woodwinds) Ken Filiano (bass) Harris Eisenstadt (drums) Steve Adams (alto saxophone) Darren Johnston (trumpet)

10 pm
Vinny Golia/Ken Filiano Duo
Vinny Golia (woodwinds) Ken Filiano (bass)

3/25 Thursday (NY)
8 pm
Edwin Torres (poem, cassettes) Sean G. Meehan (snare drum) Ernesto Gomez (harmonica)
Edwin Torres is a lingualisualist, rooted in the languages of sight and sound. Sean Meehan became musically active in the late 80's at the amica bunker series for improvised music. Ernesto Gomez is a Mexican-Cuban multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of the Bro Jug Blues.

10 pm
Larry Ochs (saxes) Trevor Dunn (bass) Lisle Ellis (bass, circuitry) Michael Sarin (drums)

3/26 Friday (DS)
8 pm
Mary Halvorson, Okkyung Lee, Miya Masaoka (and possible special guest)
Miya Masaoka (koto) Okkyung Lee (cello) Mary Halvorson (electric guitar)

10 pm
Oliver Lake Solo
Oliver Lake (poetry, sax)
Fifteen dollars.

3/27 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
String Trio of New York
Rob Thomas (violin) James Emery (guitar) John Lindberg (bass)

10 pm
Jason Robinson (saxes) Michael Dessin (trombone) Nathan Hubbard (percussion) Scott Walton (bass)

3/28 Sunday (SK)
8 pm
Local Lingo
Jason Kao Hwang (composer, violin, viola) Sang Won Park (kayagum, ajeng, voice) Thomas Buckner (voice) Joe McPhee (saxophones, pocket trumpet) William Parker (string bass, reeds)

10 pm
Ned Rothenberg
Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Ikue Mori (electronics) Miguel Frasconi (glass instruments) Alex Waterman (cello)

7PM to 9PM—TWENTY DOLLARS: Open to all.
In this seminar, Evans will focus on various strategies for the interplay of notation and improvisation, and how these imply broader attitudes towards music making in general. Mostly open discussion, with some playing and demonstration.


3/30 Tuesday (NY)
8 pm
Pamela Z Solo
Pamela Z (percussion, voice)

10 pm
Will Bernard Trio
Will Bernard (guitar) Todd Sickafoose (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

3/31 Wednesday (KR)
8 pm
Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi with Shahzad Ismaily and Special Guests
Carla Kihlstedt (violin, voice) Matthias Bossi (drums) Shahzad Ismaily (bass) and Special guests

10 pm
Baczkowski/Padmanabha Duo
Steve Baczkowski (baritone and tenor saxes, winds) Ravi Padmanabha (drums, percussion)
Steve Baczkowski and Ravi Padmanabha from Buffalo.