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September 2010 at the Stone 
curated by Joey Baron and Robyn Schulkowsky

9/1 Wednesday (YT)
8 pm
Joey Baron (drums) William Parker (bass) Scott Robinson (reeds) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion)

10 pm
Jim Black/Chris Speed Duo
Jim Black (drums) Chris Speed (reeds)

9/2 Thursday (YH)
8 pm
Kato Hideki
Kato Hideki (electric bass)
A solo electric bass performance using Prime Number Tuning

10 pm
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson (trombone) Marty Ehrlich Quartet featuring Brad Jones (bass) Matt Wilson (drums)

9/3 Friday (KR)
8 pm
Tyshawn Sorey Project
Tyshawn Sorey (drums, composition) Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax, composition) Kris Davis (piano, composition)
This collaborative trio has existed for nearly 2 years. Tonight they perform new material as well as material from their recent Clean Feed Records,"Paradoxical Frog".

10 pm
Joey Baron, Robyn Schulkowsky and Tyshawn Sorey Trio
Joey Baron (drums) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

9/4 Saturday (CB)
8 pm
Ikue Mori (electronics) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Susie Ibarra (drums)

10 pm
Loren Stillman (alto sax) Ryan Ferreira (guitar)
Celebrating the self release of "deep drink" www.elderflowermusic.com

9/5 Sunday (CL)
8 pm
Thomas Morgan Quartet
Dahveed Behroozi (piano) Todd Neufeld (guitar) Billy Mintz (drums) Thomas Morgan (bass)

10 pm
Kermit Driscoll's Rock Band
Kermit Driscoll (electric bass) John Hollenbeck (drums) Terrence McManus (guitar)
Tonight's concert will consist of new compositions as well as a few classic covers.

FRANK LONDON—Spiritual Music and Improvisation
A workshop, lecture/demonstration, discussion and Q&A by this Grammy winning musical master. Bring your instrument and expect the unexpected!


9/7 Tuesday (JS)
8 amd 10 pm
Joey Baron and Bill Frisell Duo
Joey Baron (drums) Bill Frisell (guitar)

9/8 Wednesday (CL)
8 pm
Dimitri Murrath
Dimitri Murrath (viola)
In his New York recital debut, Belgian violist Dimitri Murrath performs masterworks written for solo viola in the last decades; Ligeti "Sonata", Kurtag "Signs,Games,and Messages", Sciarrino "Tre Notturni Brillante".

10 pm
Kato Hideki and Ursula Sherrer
Kato Hideki (bass, electronics) Ursula Scherrer (video)
Kato Hideki and Ursula Sherrer have worked together on their thematic,site-specific and abstract installations and performances in NYC since 2007. Tonight they will launch a new Sound/Visual performance piece.

9/9 Thursday (CB)
8 pm
Christian Wolff at The Stone
Ikue Mori (electronics) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) Christian Wolff (piano)

10 pm
Christian Wolff at The Stone
Joey Baron (drums) Thomas Morgen (bass) Todd Neufeld (guitar) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) Christian Wolff (piano)

9/10 Friday (AC)
8 pm
Nasheet Waits
Nasheet Waits (drums) Abraham Burton (alto sax) John Hebert (bass)

10 pm
Lewis Nash
Lewis Nash (drums)

9/11 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Hank Roberts Trio with John Stetch and Jim Black
Hank Roberts (cello) John Stetch (piano) Jim Black (drums)
Three world renowned jazz and improvisational musicians, cellist Hank Roberts, pianist John Stetch and drummer Jim Black perform together as the Hank Roberts Trio. For the past 46 years improvisational cellist Hank Roberts has been creating new sounds on the cello. His rhythmic, harmonic, emotional and timbrel approach to the cello distinguishes him as a unique voice on the instrument and in the world of new music. He’s created an extensive body of music as a composer and recording artist, and has collaborated and performed with world class artists such as Bill Frisell, Hal Willner, Tim Berne, Andy Summers, Gavin Friday, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Gerry Hemingway, Mark Feldman, Mark Dresser, Joel Grey, Dave King and Ethan Iverson from “The Bad Plus”, Donna the Buffalo, Sim Redmond Band, Kevin Kinsella, Wingnut, and Ti Ti Chickapea. He is featured on Bill Frisell’s Grammy Award winning CD "Unspeakable" and Grammy nominated CD "History/Mystery".

Jim Black is at the forefront of a new generation of musicians bringing Jazz into the 21st century. Based on the foundation of his virtuosic but highly personal approach to jazz drumming, Black’s aesthetic has expanded to include Balkan rhythms, rock songcraft and laptop soundscapes. Although he is revered worldwide for his limitless technique and highly creative approach, many listeners treasure the relentless feeling of joy and invention that he brings to performances. The rhythmic mastery and timbrel-tonal colors that he expresses on his instruments is unprecedented. He has performed extensively throughout the world with a host of great musicians including Tim Berne, Ellery Eskelin, Dave Douglas, Uri Cain, Dave Liebman, Satoko Fujii, and Laurie Anderson. Jim and Hank have been friends and musical collaborators since 1990. They have toured Europe extensively, and are featured together on Hank’s 2008 Winter and Winter recording, “Green” which won the German Critics’ Award in 2008 and received great reviews in the press, including the NY Times.

John Stetch is regarded as one of the finest jazz pianists anywhere. He’s received 5 Juno Award nominations. He won the Prix du Jazz at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1998, placed 2nd in the 1994 Thelonius Monk International Composer’s Competition, has been frequently recorded by the CBC, and has appeared on several NPR programs such as Marian McPartland’s “Piano Jazz” and “Jazz Set” with Brandford Marsalis. He’s performed throughout the world with artists such as Rufus Reid, Charlie Haden, Seamus Blake, Mark Turner, Jeff Ballard, Jorge Rossi, Victor Lewis, Billy Hart, and many others. His latest CD, "TV Trio" received glowing reveiws in Downbeat Magazine and other publications.

10 pm
Douglas Detrick Trio
Douglas Detrick (trumpet, compositions) John Sutton (bass) Christian Coleman (drums)
This performance will focus on the music of Son House, Roscoe Holcombe and other early blues and country musicians along with original compositions by Douglas Detrick. www.douglasdetrick.com

9/12 Sunday (JM)
8 pm
Elliott Sharp's Flexagons
Elliot Sharp (guitar, reeds)
The debut of Flexagons, E#'s new band mixing compositional and improvisational strategies in an ever-shifting format. Tonight's debut is for trio with Ryan Sawyer on drums.

10 pm
Marcus Gillmore Duo featuring Lionel Loueke
Marcus Gillmore (drums) Lionel Loueke (guitar)

GARY LUCAS—Beefheart Symposium
7PM to 9PM—THIRTY DOLLARS: Open to All.
Gary performed on stage during the 1980/81 Beefheart tours and played lead guitar on the album Ice Cream For Crow. For this symposium he presents a lecture/demonstration about the music and methodologies of rock legend Captain Beefheart, followed by a Q&A.


9/14 Tuesday (DDT)
8 pm
ScienSonic Laboratories present "Nucleus"
Scott Robinson (saxes, woodwinds, therimin, other sonic devices) Julian Thayer (string bass, bass banjo, bass drum, other sonic devices)
The long standing creative partnership of Scott Robinson and Julian Thayer ,recently featured on a PBS documentary, has existed since 1977. Dr Thayer,who is highly regarded in the world of science as well as music, will be making a special trip to town for this performance of material from their new ScienSonic release "Nucleus".

10 pm
On a Sufficient Condition for the Existence of Most Specific Hypothesis
Ken Ueno (extended vocals) Tim Feeney (percussion)
A recipient of the Rome Prize and the Berlin Prize, Ken Ueno, is a composer/vocalist who is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley. As a vocalist, he specializes in extended techniques (overtones, multiphonics, extreme extended registers, circular breathing). Ensembles and performers who have played Ken’s music include Kim Kashkashian and Robyn Schulkowsky, Mayumi Miyata, Teodoro Anzellotti, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, the Nieuw Ensemble, and Frances-Marie Uitti. His music has been performed at such venues as Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MusikTriennale Köln Festival, the Muziekgebouw, the Hopkins Center, Spoleto USA, Steim, and at the Norfolk Music Festival, where he was guest composer/lecturer. Ken’s piece for the Hilliard Ensemble, Shiroi Ishi, continues to be featured in their repertoire, recently being performed at Queen Elizabeth Hall in England, the Vienna Konzerthaus, and aired on Italian national radio, RAI 3. Another work, Pharmakon, was performed dozens of times nationally by Eighth Blackbird during their 2001-2003 seasons. Ken holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University. A portrait CD of three concertos was released on the Bmop/sound label. For more information, please visit www.kenueno.com

Tim Feeney seeks to explore and examine the timbral possibilities inherent in everyday found and built objects. He treats his percussion setup as a friction instrument, using bows, scrapers, and rosined drumheads to capture and amplify frequencies that go unheard when an object is struck with a traditional mallet. He supplements this acoustic console with an electronic instrument, arranged from mixers, contact microphones, and effects pedals, that synthesizes and alters the spectral characteristics of low-fidelity tones, feedback, and noise. Tim works within Boston's timbral improvising community, a group of musicians interested in unstable sounds and silences, exploring austere combinations of sound and the otherworldly ripple effects that pulse through a silent space and alert ears. He has performed with musicians including thereminist James Coleman, cellist/electronic musician Vic Rawlings,tape-deck manipulator Howard Stelzer, trumpeter Nate Wooley, sound artists Jed Speare and Ernst Karel, saxophonist Jack Wright, and the trio ONDA. His concerts have been held at experimental spaces such as the Red Room in Baltimore, Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art, Firehouse 12 in New Haven, Connecticut, the Knitting Factory New York, and the Stone, as well as the Center for New Music and Audio Technology at UC-Berkeley,the Stanford Art Museum, Princeton University, and Dartmouth College.

9/15 Wednesday (MJ)
8 pm
Herman Snertgart Trio
Herman Snertgart (reeds) Greg Cohen (bass) Joey Baron (drums)
Herman Snertgart Trio with Greg Cohen, Joey Baron.

10 pm
Tim Keiper's Moogoosada
Tim Keiper (drums, kamel ngoni) Cyro Baptista (percussion) Keith Witty (bass)
Chris Dingman (vibes) Brian Marsella (piano) John Lee (guitar)

9/16 Thursday (SK)
8 pm
Joey Baron, Ikue Mori, Robyn Schulkowsky and Jim Staley
Joey Baron (drums) Ikue Mori (electronics) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) Jim Staley (trombone)

10 pm
Otis Brown III Trio
Otis Brown III (drums) Gary Versace (organ) Nir Felder (guitar)

9/17 Friday (MJ)
8 pm
Robert Black
Robert Black (bass) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) Joey Baron (drums)
Performing Christian Wolff's "Look She Said" "For 1, 2, or 3 People" and Somei Satoh's "9 For Solo Bass".

10 pm
Son Of Flubba
Greg Cohen (bass) Tatiana Maar (flutes) Ikue Mori (laptop)

9/18 Saturday (MP)
8 pm
Steve Kuhn Solo
Steve Kuhn (piano)
Twenty Dollars.

10 pm
Baron Schulkowsky Duo
Joey Baron (drums) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion)

9/19 Sunday (MJ)
8 pm
Masada String Trio—HABORYM
Mark Feldman (violin) Erik Friedlander (cello) Greg Cohen (bass)
WORLD PREMIERE PERFORMANCES of music from their new CD on The Book of Angels series! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS

10 pm
Erik Friedlander plays Masada—VOLAC
Erik Friedlander (solo cello)
The virtuosic cellist returns with his passionate set of solo material from Masada BOOK TWO, and a few new Zorn world premieres! TWENTY DOLLARS

JOEY BARON and ROBYN SCHULKOWSKY —Interpretation On/Off & Behind the Page
7PM to 9:30PM—TWENTY DOLARS: Open to All
A workshop for drummers, percussionists, and other curious musicians. Joey Baron and Robyn Schulkowsky will focus on common parameters of seemingly opposing musical genres. Bring your stick bags and please be prompt.


9/21 Tuesday (YH)
8 pm
Brad Jones Quartet
Bob DeBellis (alto sax, clarinets) Marcus Strickland (tenor sax, soprano sax) Damion Reid (drums) Brad Jones (bass)

10 pm
The Julian Cohen Group
Julian Cohen (reeds) Phil Donkin (bass) Jochen Ruckert (drums) Marc Copland (piano)
The Julian Cohen Group featuring Julian Cohen (reeds) Phil Donkin (bass) Jochen Ruckert (drums) Marc Copland (piano)

9/22 Wednesday (KR)
8 pm
Kenny Wollesen (drums) Sean Francis Conway
Sean Francis Conway, leader of San Diego's DIY band "Bombshell" , meets with Kenny Wollesen and members of Wollesonic for an evening of experiment and play!

10 pm
Gary Smulyan Trio
Gary Smulyan (baritone sax) Joey Baron (drums) Jay Anderson (bass)

9/23 Thursday (SK)
8 pm
Reggie Nicholson Brass Concept
Reggie Nicholson (drums) Joseph Daley (tuba) Vincent Chancey (french horn) Eddie Allen (trumpet) Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Reggie Nicholson (percussion)

10 pm
Twilight featuring "Ensemble Durations"
Solo voices intertwine and blend in an acoustic spiral of wind colors and sound. Music by Maderna, Scelsi, Cage, Tenney, Wiesner.

9/24 Friday (MP)
8 pm
Baron, Schulkowsky and Guests
Joey Baron (drums) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) plus Special Guests
Performing improvised pieces along with original compositions.

10 pm
Hank Roberts Solo
Hank Roberts (cello, voice)

9/25 Saturday (JM)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn (sax) Joey Baron (drums) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) and many special guests
Cone out and support the Stone at our monthly rent party—TWENTY DOLLARS!

9/26 Sunday (MJ)
8 pm
Heat O' The Sun
The piece "Instruments 111" by Morton Feldman is the main inspiration for this evening's performance which also includes works by Scelsi, Finnendahl, and Milliken.

10 pm
Louie Belogenis (soprano and tenor saxophones) Trevor Dunn (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

The elusive producer answers any and all questions and speaks about production and organizational techniques.


9/28 Tuesday (CL)
8 pm
Brad Shepik Solo
Brad Shepik (guitar, compositions)

10 pm
Judith Berkson
Judith Berkson (voice, keyboards) Allyssa Lamb, Emily Hurst(voices)
Original pieces, 16th century motets, and lieder by Franz Schubert for three voices and keyboards.

9/29 Wednesday (DS)
8 pm
The Drums vs Ted Poor
Ted Poor (drums)

10 pm
Loren Stillman and Bad Touch
Loren Stillman (alto saxophone, composition) Nate Radley (guitar) Gary Versace (organ) Ted Poor (drums)

9/30 Thursday (YT)
8 pm
Joey Baron, Robyn Schulkowsky and Kenny Wollesen Trio
Robyn Schulkowsky (percussion) Joey Baron, Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10 pm
Rosalie Kaplan (voice) Noah Kaplan (saxophone) Wes Matthews (piano) Giacomo Merega (bass)
Works by Schoenberg, Poulenc, Ives, Ravel and others.